What this "/usr/lib/archlabs/common/al-include" file do?

Can anyone please tell me what this “/usr/lib/archlabs/common/al-include” file do?
this file is needed in many openbox pipemenu scripts. what changes should be done to use this file in another distro?
I’m not good at bash scripting, so I don’t know what it does and what changes are needed.
Please help me, your help would be much appreciated. :smiley:

Not really sure what the script does; custom openbox menus?

The authors of the script are some of the original #! developers so it was used on a Debian system. After a quick read through, looks like all you may have to do is change some environment variables - like the script location and it will work with openbox.


It’s some helper functions (bash) to generate openbox pipemenus (XML).

Read it and some of the pipemenus scripts and it will make more sense.

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