What the f***?

Hello Archlabbers!
I am having a great time and I have AL installed on 3 computers now. Archlabs is very well balanced!
I thoungt I should try some other distros and first I tried Solus. Well done but a bit boring for my taste. I guess I am spoiled by AUR.
Tried Fedora also. Heard much about it. Also very good but to install and update software was a real pain. Really very slow, even though I installed it downsized. I guess that’s for a new computer. Not my taste.
Then I tried a few flavors of Ubuntu and liked the community distro Ubuntu-Mate a bit.
I also tried OpenSuse. First I tried the rolling distro but that was difficult to install software! I managed to break Tumbleweed within 15 minutes after install so I thought I would try Leap instead to learn how it works and then maybe try Tumbleweed again! Leap works very well and is actually smooth on my semi-old Dell Laptop. (not as smooth as Archlabs though!)

The reason I write here now is not to impress you all of how many distros I have installed in one day!!
No the reason is that I was looking for answers about latest kernel and broadcom-wl (in Leap) and came across Microsoft site!! On Microsoft site you can download OpenSuse, Fedora and Ubuntu!! I wonder why is that? In my opinion these distros are playing with fire!!
Is it “Gates of Hell” behind this? He must really feel threatened by opensource!

Goodbye Ubuntu, Fedora and Suse!



@womp Then you have to say “Goodbye Linux!”. Example: Microsoft, Google etc. are Corporate Members of the Linux Foundation. Dont misunderstand my post. I dont like that too, but thats the fact.


Well when you can run ubuntu as an emulation on Windows 10 pro (I’m uncertain if it can in home version), it would seem that Microsoft is making inroads. :flushed:

BIG corporate members. Microsoft history with Gates is a real horror-story! Google may be interested in develop their earnings through Linux but not Microsolf! They probably want Linux wiped or at least half-gone, just like they have done with every “threat”. I guess there are stupid neo-liberals sitting on the top-chairs at Linux Foundation. Opensource is one of the few really good things in the world today.

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@womp Maybe. We will see, what the “FUTURE” brings for Linux.

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Yeah! And we have to try to do what’s right!!