What Terminal Do You Use?

always use kitty terminal
no matter which wm I use


I use alacritty and sometimes urxvt on my main Archlinux install, Archlabs, and EndeavourOS. I have an Archlinux Plasma install and just use konsole on it.


Back on Terminator for nostalgic reasons.

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Same thing here @orionH .

Terminator since reinstall some time ago, haven t installed Sakura to my surprise !

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I have been using alacritty, but lately I have switched to kitty

Search results for “terminal emulator” on my main machine (below pinned items). Mostly, I use foot.

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kitty, konsole when on plasma, xfce4-terminal now (because kitty is some versions back on Debian).

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Alacritty and Yakuake. I just love the drop down terminal when I just need it right away.

Here kitty kitty :smiley_cat:

Lol, miow !

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The Debian Way

You can install pre-built binaries of kitty if you are on macOS or Linux using the following simple command:

curl -L https://sw.kovidgoyal.net/kitty/installer.sh | sh /dev/stdin

# Create a symbolic link to add kitty to PATH (assuming ~/.local/bin is in
# your PATH)
ln -s ~/.local/kitty.app/bin/kitty ~/.local/bin/
# Place the kitty.desktop file somewhere it can be found by the OS
cp ~/.local/kitty.app/share/applications/kitty.desktop ~/.local/share/applications
# Update the path to the kitty icon in the kitty.desktop file
sed -i "s|Icon=kitty|Icon=/home/$USER/.local/kitty.app/share/icons/hicolor/256x256/apps/kitty.png|g" ~/.local/share/applications/kitty.desktop

(To make kitty config file = ctrl + shift + F2  from within kitty)

After some months without having Sakura installed, kicked myself & reinstalled it ! lol


Great stuff @KoO ! His website is a gem also :+1:t2:

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