What Terminal Do You Use?


Yesterday I was about to install dwm. Finally I focused on fixing Bumblebee on Void, which turned out impossible.

I remember well myself saying “Linux w/o a graphical installer in 21st century is a mistake”. Finally I ended up on Arch, and playing with Void. Everything’s possible.


I like kitty but it was presenting some issues with ncmpcpp. st is probably the best way to go with terminals.


using mostly xterm and st these days.


Still on Sakura terminal on all of my installs.


Usually Tilix.


I was using st from suckless for a little while but it just seems it needs too many abstraction layers for it to be useful, namely tmux, i dont really like tmux, might be good for some peoples workflow but i find it cumbersome, dont get me wrong i do like st and will use for simple stuff like keybinds for htop and other simple term based readout stuff but that is all. Terminator does everything i need in a nice small package, granted the memory use is a bit more than most but i have plenty to spare for a terminal.


tty. jk.


Actually, I only use the console on the family laptop but all I ever do on that is configuration and backups, for which a GUI is superfluous.


My standard terminal is Terminator as well, but my autostart brings up Guake on my left screen, I really love that shit!