What Terminal Do You Use?


I spend a lot of time in my terminal so it’s gotta look good :smiley:


Yep , I install Sakura & tweak them @ first on all new installs than forget it afterward.


I normally swap between Alacritty and st.


Now I’ve got st set up, I’m happy where I am!


Little late here but… I use 3, urxvt, termite and st. urxvt not so much anymore but the remaining two, daily at least.


Luke Smith’s tweaked version of st. It rocks.


yeah - his is nice. There is one in the AUR (st-spcz-git 0.8.1.r3.geed2e81-1) that is nice also. I use that and termite. Now and then I’ll pop open urxvt. But for the most part, ST is my go-to.


urxvt mostly. But only happy with a running instance of guake…


Luke Smith is a shill for the dairy industry :wink:

Using Termite currently, getting my hands dirty with Kitty (oo-er) now as I’m trying to learn Python (kitty has a C backend and Python frontend)

@Dobbie03 I could read through this thread if needs be but what’s your quick opinion on kitty?


The dairy industry. I’m not a native speaker so I guess it’s humor but I don’t get it. Sorry. The scripts of Luke Smith are great. His vision to use console apps as much as possible is attractive to me. His configs are very sane. I learn a lot from his setups and change what I don’t like. His st terminal does everything urxvt does but is much lighter. I must say that the way urxvt is set up in the latest ArchLabs is also very pleasing.


Could you tell me if I understand well this sentence:

Configuration is done with config.h

Do I have to compile to apply changed configuration?


Yes. Set your options and recompile. However, that is not what I do. I don’t reinvent the wheel if someone has compiled a great working version of st that I can easily install from git. :wink: my fav st is the one from Luke smith. https://github.com/lukesmithxyz/st


Thanks. Too geeky to me. The road to hell Gentoo. :wink:


The compilation takes seconds. Literally just one step more than if you change your i3 config lol :slight_smile:

@wammes I say the dairy industry because he tries to take a pop at vegans sometimes. But that’s a convo for another time lol

If I don’t get on with qtile and kitty my next stop will be dwm and st to be honest.


I spent 1 hour of my life on i3. Enough is enough. :rofl:


I used openbox for a bit before I switched to tiling. You know the best part about tiling managers? I don’t feel like I need to resize the windows constantly… and if I want to, there’s a key combo for it. ez lief :wink: I’m guessing once I get a job as a frontend dev my coworkers will be like, wtf is that on your screen :laughing:


Yep, this is another problem like “Whats better - Christmas or Easter?”. :slight_smile: I’m not keen on keyboard shortcuts (besides IDEs), and on 2 displays I can place all my windows comfortably. At the office IT guys are confused enough seeing Linux on my machine. Tiling would be too much to them. :slight_smile:


Yes. That’s exactly it. I never bother with windows, their placement, their width. They’re just there for me so I can get work done.


One day I’ll give tiling another try. I promise. :slight_smile:

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If you ever get the itch to try a tiler again, I highly recommend dwm. Yes, i3 has the benefit of being able to configure on the fly but recompiling is very easy. Most of the time, I’ll just install vanilla dwm from the aur because other than the (not-so attractive) colors, I really like how simplistic it is out of the box and with the exception of Mod1 being assigned to the alt key, really don’t need a ton of patches.

An awesome beginners guide found here.