What Terminal Do You Use?


I normally use that or ctrl+shift/ins as that is the copy paste function on the work POS.


Terminator o termite


The same. When clicking more than two keys becomes annoying when you can use right click.


Termite as my go-to.

For heavier Workloads I use Terminator because of tabs and splitscreen.


Started back in the very early #! days (when based upon ubuntu [lite]) and fell in love with Terminator, used it up until BL hydrogen release, then xfce4-terminal and now termite but have to say, starting to really like ST.


Try st with tmux - terminator will not be back.


It’s xfce4-terminal for me since the beginning. for its ease of use. I like that if I’m previewing hundreds of color schemes I have installed, I simply roll the mouse wheel and see the terminal colors change in real time. It follows the gtk.css padding. When opening multiple instances, it adds only 2mb of ram each while other terminals multiply its memory use. It’s okay with neofetch image and runs cava smoothly. It would be nice if it had a Profile feature, that’s where I like Terminator.


I’m using guake with tmux(inator)

beacause I love the dropdown-like stuff, and prefer it over tilda and/or yakuake. Yeah, it’s bloaty compared to nimbler terminals, but as long as my system keeps feeling light and responsive, I’m fine with that :slight_smile:

For me, I’ll try a lot, but if it slows down my system or gets too annoying, it’s gone as quick as it came :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure about ‘fair’ as xterm is more widely supported and is around 80k LOC, st has much less support but is only some 5k LOC. there’s no doubt that xterm will do the same thing but better most of the time, however that kinda misses the point (at least for me).


By “fair” I meant in terms of functionality that I need in a terminal: I can’t run st without either the scrollback patches or tmux (preferably the former so I can use the mousewheel) and with the patches the memory usage is roughly equal.

I do agree about the SLOC though, st is commendably slim but otoh xterm has been subject to many audits by the OpenBSD devs (it is part of their base system) so I am reasonably confident that it’s code is correct :slight_smile:


Totally agree, a lot of it has to do with the terminfo, and xterm basically defines the standard when it comes to how a terminal emulator should perform.

Re the scroll wheel functionality, you can set up mouse wheel only scrolling natively, but tmux brings some other niceties as well


I now like and use xterm, but one feature of xfce4-terminal I wish were available is the wrap-around-straighten-out feature :slight_smile:

In other words, if for example I ‘blkid’ on a default xfce4-terminal, it wraps around and makes it unreadable. But all you need to do is grab the side and pull sideways and it auto unwraps.

On any other term, it doesn’t work. You need to first pull sideways long enough, then ‘blkid’(for example). makes since to me)


Termite for quick tasks and terminator for ongoing work.


@LionessAlana I had problems with alacritty and my GPU. But I’ve seen these are common problems, so I’ll go testing. So far I’m changing to ST


Still on Sakura on all of my 3 installs.


@altman The craziest terminal of all… Cool Retro


Thx @Negata , never heard about it, might check it out.


I use Xterm as provided in the defaults. I am pretty happy about the configurations provided in the system. Personally I do not care so much about the terminal. It needs not to be ugly and I want to be able to use it as every other terminal, but that is it. I do not heavy configurations as in for example Konsole. However, I quite appreciated the zsh and the provided configurations for that. Still wondering which is better: Ohmyzsh, as I use it on my desktop or the configurations here.


I use lxterminal. For me it allows a certain level of customization while still being just a terminal. One big plus is i can copy and paste long file names when using dd and the like. xterm and termite don’t provide that.


Is it just me that doesn’t care about terminals? I don’t care about customization, etc… as long as it is usable, it’s fine for me.