What Online Translator Do You Use!

After some posts in a recent thread with @judd I just had this thread idea.

Recently trying DeepL Translate ( refered by @judd ) integrated into FF after been using Google Translate for loads of time.


I just use google translate for mi español
DeepL is a bit on the expensive side and very limited translations for the free version.


TWP - Translate Web Pages


Looks like a nice app in there @Pinhead

Yep, I use its Free version @HaxNet , lets see what it will do for me translator-wise in the future, never know I might get back to google s…

TWP looks good. Remember google chrome/chromium has a built-in translator. Right click the page and select translate, the browser does it for you. Haven’t used chrome/chromium for some time though, not sure if it’s the case.

google translate for some time now for me

Translate for all online things. At work Microsoft is making real headway, by offering in-app translation in both Teams and Outlook. Really nifty and at least on par with Google. Impressive.


Not really a translator but best I’ve found to help me write in Portuguese

great in context examples

Other languages available too of course

I see it now has DeepL link (maybe it was always linked?)

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Although we used Teams pretty much everyday during the pandemic, I didn’t know it has translation built-in. Good to know.

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Yes excellent site for longer texts and translations. Used it quite some time for translating (parts of) technical manuals. The Deepl link has been there at least the last 3 or 4 years I think

My choice: https://lingva.ml/

Adelante, Judd, tú eres el juez en inglés > español.

Doble positivo

Un profesor de lingüística estaba dando una conferencia a su clase un día. “En inglés”, dijo, "un doble negativo forma un positivo.

Sin embargo, en algunos idiomas, como el ruso, un doble negativo sigue siendo un negativo. Sin embargo, no hay lenguaje en el que un doble positivo pueda formar un negativo".

Una voz desde el fondo de la sala dijo: “Sí, claro”.


Looks interesting @Sector11 . Will check it out.


Seems to work great.


If it is very good, it is among the 3 best, although at the end of the day, you have more affinity with one than the other.

I once asked an international chef, with which wine to accompany a good meat (red wine) or a good fish (white wine), the answer was simple and forceful, with the wine you want or the liquid you prefer, sodas and such…

Everything and absolutely everything at the end of the day is relative for each person.

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LOL, of coz. If you ask people what beer they think is the best, some may say “Budweiser!”.

Oh, it s not the best beer in the world ! lol

I know of some that drink it, but they don t say it s the best.

Bud Light is the best ! :grin:

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Lol, or Miller Light

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I’ll never know, I don’t drink beer, I never liked it.
I’ve tried it mixed with orange juice and that’s a bit better, at least for me. Just a choice of taste, that’s all.