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What Movies have you Recently Watched

LOL You know what I mean! :smiley:
That’s a pretty cool fun fact.

“Do you like bashghetti?”


The writers translated it well for the US TV series. They’re in Staten Island, New York (which I think is a joke unto itself), instead of Wellington. The energy and emotion vampires really hit close to home.

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Im really enjoying the series of what we do in the shadows, ive always like dark humor and this series absolutely nails it. Last weeks episode of Laszlo getting captured by animal control was brilliant. All good actors too, standout for me is Nadja, (Natasia Charlotte Demetriou). Did not know there was a movie along the same vein (pun intended), will have to check it out…

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@Dobbie03 -

is there a broader, cultural aspect to flatting, or does it just refer to some people renting a house together?

I don’t know if there is a cultural aspect to it but … yeah I can’t really explain it. Sorry, I know that people live together all over the world but I just feel there is something unique about a flatting situation in NZ.

Ok, watched some of it again and Viago has the line:

“Not all vampires are creepy and live in dark castles. Some of us like flatting in a small country like New Zealand.”

Funny enough as is, but thought I might be missing the bigger joke.


French science fiction existentialism -

La Jetee

the American movie 12 Monkeys borrowed heavily from La Jetee.

Unfortunately, couldn’t find a non-subtitled version (French & German narration).


I just watched Nick Cages movie Mandy. I laughed i cried, it was horrifying… Im probably one of the few people who enjoy Nick Cage movies :wink:

“Another Life” - the worst sci-fi series ever. I managed to watch three episodes

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You re good ! I Have a hard time just to watch a single episode of anything ! lol

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One more beer and I’ll give a try to the 4th one. Wish I had a script to write, but everything works well and no new idea appeared so far.

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Ah, maybe with a beer it s better !

There seems not to be enough beer in the world. :rofl:

lol. Beer yes, great beer, a little bit less right !

Just got home from watching Metallica’s S&M2 at the theatre. Fucking awesome.


This show @Dobbie03 , Looks great ! Must have been a blast

It was brilliant, the band was on fire.

That s cool.