What Movies have you Recently Watched

Currently rewatching dances with wolves. Also, highly recommend the series Centenial.

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Logan was good. I really enjoyed it. Sad to see the end of some major characters but it can’t always be a happy ending :smiley:

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The plot was nonsense, the characters were paper-thin and the dialogue was ridiculous.

I loved it :slight_smile:

The last 3D film I saw was Jaws 3D (back in 1983), things have improved somewhat since then.

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I’m looking forward to seeing this.

Arthouse horror flick with some great performances and superb cinematography but also deeply disturbing; it actually shocked me a bit, which is unusual.


Sounds like I am going to like it, thanks for the suggestion @Head_on_a_Stick

@Head_on_a_Stick at first i thought that Alita was a full animation from the preview i saw then i looked it up online last week and its a half human half animation thing, pretty cool, sort of like avatar i suppose.

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Not a movie, but I have been watching counterpart. Currently into season 2. Boy you have to pay attention. Don’t remember rewinding so many segments of dialog.

Meh - Right now, on BBC - Christmas Vacation. Sad, I know.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Fun movie, they did a good job with it.

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Avengers: Endgame

Really good; spotting all the cameos was fun.

Uses a plot device I have never liked, and one scene is almost a game breaker (at least for me), but Marvel pretty much stuck the landing for this phase of their MCU.

Mostly fun to hang out with my oldest watching comic book action.

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Watched the DVD for Glass.

Loved Unbreakable and Split was really good. Unfortunately the ending of Glass is pretty clumsy, but otherwise pretty good.

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A bit of disappointment on this end too…

We love the new series What We do in the Shadows, so we decided to watch the movie. Too funny.

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The movie is the best.

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A must-watch for any martial arts fans, the action may be amplified by special effects but the choreography is superb and it’s an excellent showcase for Pencak Silat.

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Petyr is 8,000 years old; so he won’t be coming to the flat meeting.

The problem with clubbing when you’re a vampire is that you need to be invited in.

Some epic writing in that movie; fun to watch some non-American irreverent humor.

one of the best!

the line about the sandwhich ranks up there too.


I think we drink virgin blood because it sounds cool.

I think of it like this. If you are going to eat a sandwich, you would just enjoy it more if you knew no one had f***ed it.


Yeah some of our clothes are from victims. You might bite someone and then, you think, ‘Oooh, those are some nice pants!’.

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I was worried a lot of Americans wouldn’t get a lot of What We Do In The Shadows. It basically is a quintessential NZ flatting situation but with Vampires. 90% of Kiwis have been in this situation :smiley: Minus the Vampires of course…

There are tons of epic lines in that movie … to me it is pure brilliance.

I love Deacons character the most. Epic.


So 10% have been in this situation with vampires . . .

:rofl: That would definaltely explain my flatting situation!

Fun fact, I delivered papers to that house on my paper round.

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