What Movies have you Recently Watched


I’m no fan…I really believe the ending ruined the movie.


It really was great until then. I still enjoy it for the novelty.

My wife, my sister and I are drinking wine and watching terrible Christmas movies. Mocking them, naturally. Currently playing, A Christmas Prince. It’s terrible.


This movie better with wine :hugs: I am a sybarite of wine @LionessAlana.


Last night I was watching the Snatch series, based on the movie of the same name.


I have been watching Shaun of the Dead again. Love that movie.


I saw it in my language a while ago, I may see it (in its original version) again. It is a very good movie


One of my favorates.



“Home alone”? JK. My TV only shows the “Big Bang Theory”. :wink:


lol, same here Home Alone & the Home Alone 2 one also, back to back on tv


Purchased this a few days ago…
Released in 1954 and still one of the all time creepiest movies.