What Movies have you Recently Watched


I’m no fan…I really believe the ending ruined the movie.

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It really was great until then. I still enjoy it for the novelty.

My wife, my sister and I are drinking wine and watching terrible Christmas movies. Mocking them, naturally. Currently playing, A Christmas Prince. It’s terrible.



This movie better with wine :hugs: I am a sybarite of wine @LionessAlana.

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Last night I was watching the Snatch series, based on the movie of the same name.

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I have been watching Shaun of the Dead again. Love that movie.



I saw it in my language a while ago, I may see it (in its original version) again. It is a very good movie

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One of my favorates.

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“Home alone”? JK. My TV only shows the “Big Bang Theory”. :wink:

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lol, same here Home Alone & the Home Alone 2 one also, back to back on tv



Purchased this a few days ago…
Released in 1954 and still one of the all time creepiest movies.



Rambo III was on TV last night, the historical perspective made for highly amusing viewing…

For those not familiar with the plot, super-soldier John Rambo (Sly Stalone) battles the evil Russians by travelling to Afghanistan and helping the brave, noble Taliban fighters :rofl:

What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

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Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth.
– mike tyson

Watched Treasure of Sierra Madre the other day.



Oh, must be killer right !



It’s really good, King sounds great live.



Sadly (and mostly kinda sickly) I stopped channel surfing on…
A Very Brady Sequel

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Not a movie but I am watching the Korean zombie series, Kingdom. Really, really cool. It’s beautifully shot, a little bit over acted in some areas but amazing story.

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Logan (finally) - I liked this one. Much darker than previous x-men (but I like those too)


Killing of a sacred deer (dark and twisted).



I am years behind in my movie watching because of my two young boys. Its either watch movies or tinker with linux…

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