What Movies have you Recently Watched



I really liked Bright.

Was watching this last night, what a load of shit.


Bright’s a trip, you really need to watch it a few times to fully appreciate how awesome it is.


Totally agree. I really enjoyed it.


The film is sensational, the mix fiction/reality was perfect.


I m having a hard time looking at movies, been years that I haven t been to a cinema, like 30 I guess, & when I watch one on tv I zap @ ads time & loose the film somehow ! lol


What would you be willing to do for a thousand bucks a day? Awesome movie, still on the FlixNet. Great acting combo w/Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker.


@Glenn Never saw it, lloks like a great film, but have a hard time concentring for a whole movie ! lol


Cuz… You need ‘the get younger pill’. I’m not sharing, get your own.



lol You bad boy again ! @Glenn.

I wont ! lol


And very anxious for chapter 3!!! :eyes::grimacing:



Not a movie but a concert

Behemoth are super impressive live.


Must have been a blast @Dobbie03 !


Ah this was on Bluray.


Oh, must have been good anyways, @ home even better right !


Sometimes! Next concert for me is Ozzy/Priest.


That will be great !


Metropia (Tarik Saleh)

The film is from the 2009, but I didn’t know it. Strange and interesting. A friend recommended it to me.


I am currently (at this moment) watching Interstellar. LOVE this movie!