What Movies have you Recently Watched


When ever I go to see a movie based on a book I love, I always try to view the movie as it’s own thing. It is near impossible to translate a good book to the movie format.

The only time this hasn’t worked was with The Dark Tower…what an abomination.


for me, fear and loathing in las vegas was a very nice version of the book. It’s a insane as the book, taking ‘hollywood’ in account.
On the other hand: I greatly prefer the book(s) over the film(s) regarding Thomas the Tank Engine.

so, also a mixed bag :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, the book is always superior in my opinion.



though I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy movie thing.
Of course it was nothing compared to the books, but it was a damn nice try in places.

Can’t make my mind up yet about the BBC America vs. BBC 4 versions of Dirk Gently.



Starship Troopers.

That movie was definitely better than the book.


You actually made me goto Amazon and look for that book.

OMW – I had no idea. It exists. ╏ ° ▃ ° ╏


Just watched the new Avengers movie. So awesome yet depressing.

You get so used to the “good guys” winning in the Marvel universe.


My two cents about Ready Player One: just watch the movie and I think Spielberg did everybody a favour; he twisted the story enough to let people enjoy the book even after watching his movie.
And is something done on pourpose as it is mentioned in the movie itself.
I am not going to say more to avoid spoilers, PM me if you want to know what I am talking about.


Can’t agree here :smile: The movie is just an action movie, and the book is real sci fi with a lot of interesting ideas. And it was written in 1959. I think i read it twice at least at some point.


I need to read Ready Player One.


for me, that’s what’s cool about the movie; it took the ideas from the book and showed how some of those ideas have been put to use before.
Also one of the reasons I try to steer clear from ‘politics’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Just seen Deadpool 2, awesome. Deadpool is the best series in the Marvel world. Until a Gambit movie comes out.


Saw this a while back and just rediscovered it last night. Great comedy-horror flick



Browsing NetFlix, it’s rare to come across a film that leaves you in awe. If you’re into hard-syfi and like something more intellectual, then you’ve got to check out The Beyond (2017).



Highly recommended with a remarkable lead performance by Joe Cole. Not for the faint-hearted though!



I love this movie.


Very, very silly and a bit grisly in places but also highly entertaining and with a satisfying ending.

[spoiler alert!]
Look out for the sudo shutdown -h now command that flashes on the screen for a second.
[/spoiler alert!]


Loved it , none of my girlfriends did, so it must be really good :grin:


I’ve been meaning to watch that one.