What Movies have you Recently Watched


Tell us about your recent movies etc.


I watched American History X. Brilliant film.


Not really a movie, but I’ve just started re-watching Chuck again. Bit of mindless TV before bed helps me unwind hah.


I Loved it, now I wanna read the original script.


Oblivion… Again. Despite the general lack of critical acclaim, I love this movie.


With you here … damn fine movie faults and all.


Amazing movie. I quite like most of Tom’s movies


Watched Thor: Ragnarok the other night. Pretty cool.


I’m going to watch Blade Runner 2049 tonight again. Seriously good movie, as it was described to me the other day “Sci-Fi for Adults”.


Started this on Netflix

Pretty cool so far.


Going to watch that today. Looks like it has amazing production quality.


The Big Lebowski

for old time’s sake. Still very cool :stuck_out_tongue:




@Dobbie03, that’s at the top of our watch list. From the previews I’ve seen, really looks good.

@pitje, one of my all-time favorites… Man.

Really looking forward to seeing this film, if it ever gets to our arctic laden, bum-f*@cked-Egypt, 'murican, squint of a town.



@Glenn, I’d say this is the best of the lot so far.


I watched The Ritua on Netflix last night. Amazingly predictable but super enjoyable nonetheless.

Gollum, I mean Andy Serkis did an amazing job.


Went and saw Ready Player One yesterday. Insanely cool.


yeah, it’s ok?
I’ve been dreading this; I loved the book, but afraid Spielberg will make this yet another one of his ‘awesome movies’. Movies that I hate.


I’ve never read the book bbut t was cool, very cool.


oh, i am gonna see it, but I gotta get rid of my bias :stuck_out_tongue:

so, thanks for the info :slight_smile: