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What Lightweight Music Player Do You Use

As title says, what do you use, ditched VLC (very good but too large for me) for something smaller.

Any suggestions !


Audacious. Easy to use, includes everything I need.

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Thx for the comeback @nwg . Will check it out.

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I dont mind Moc, (music on console)

Audacious and or Deadbeef kill it for lightness in the gui arena imo.

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Thx @s7l . Looks like MOC needs to be updated somehow.

Go audacious as @nwg suggested, ive switched to it full time now as well.

Oh Thx, will look into it.

I have one more reason to use Audacious: it works well with py3status.


Oh, thx @nwg


Thx used it in the past, real light.

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MPD + ncmpcpp. When I feel like a GUI I use Sonata.

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I use cmus.

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Thx, might check it out @Dobbie03 . Looks like Sonata s pretty old sadly as you stated somewhere.

Cool @subjunkie

audacious and mpd + ncmcpp


Thx @philT , got MPV installed without knowing it ! lol

Look at YT mostly now for music or vlogs whatever, haven t listened much to CDs for quiet a while now.

MPV comes with AL by default :smiley:


I’ve just found it in my Arch. Hell knows where it comes from. :smiley:

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Lol, didn t know that @Dobbie03 . Or forgot about it, you know old farts ! lol

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Lately cmus