What keyboard do you use? Please use screens, photos or links to your kbd!

I find myself in a deep wet muddy hole(I must be tipsy if I ever mention deep or wet or…keyboard). After 15 years of using only laptop keyboards I’m trying to return to a desktop build and a proper keyboard.

I went for this one first, cheap and wonderful, super duper for a gamer, but I’m not one. I did like it, but had a terrible time typing on it for more than a couple of sentences, all the keys are just too high. This one was about $25 in my EE country, and I consider that cheap for a keyboard.
So, I sent it back, and replaced it with it’s sister, nothing mechanical about it, only low profile membrane keys, and I hate it already, the sound , the touch, and the price was exactly double than the one before.

This is not about which keyboard is best, but which one do you use, and what does it do to you to make you keep using it. Cheers people!

STEELSERIES “gaming keyboard”. Couldn’t complain about quality, but the layout is the most uncomfortable I’ve ever had. Win key on the right side (swappable with Fn) - Home and End keys are useless during normal typing.

I bought this for the home “office”.

It’s comfortable enough for the not too much typing that I do (I’m not a coder or anything like that) and I really like the feel of the keys, but I wish I had gotten the model with the number pad.

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The keyboard layout looks so weird. Not sure why it’s designed like that. Easier for a gamer?

We’ll never know. :rofl:

I use a 66% form factor Leopold FC660M and it’s wonderful


You went for extreme minimal :grin: What kind of switches have you got on that one?

cherry mx blue, I like clicky switches.

I wouldn’t say extreme minimal, there’s always the 40% form factors with no number row, or blank keycaps.


Cherry mx red.

Cougar Pura keyboard.

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I like blues too, but my work mates hate them.

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I’ve never owned a desktop PC but the keyboard on my ThinkPad E485 is absolutely superb, I even prefer it over the old-style X201 version because it’s low profile with a shorter travel so I can type faster.

Lenovo actually sell a version of it for desktops:

It even has one of those weird keyboard nipple pointer thingies :grin:


Home and End keys make me jealous as hell! And so does the Win key.


I use one of these:


I’ve been looking at this one, but then decided that I’m not mentally ready to pay 150 bucks for it, thats about 60% of what I paid for my CPU.


It’s worth every cent. I have no regrets.

I do believe you, but when angry or frustrated I don’t feel very comfortable hitting or punching a keyboard at that price :grin:


This isn’t my picture, but this is the set I have. I love it. When I bought my PC, that cost over $2k, they threw this set in the deal.

I just love mechanical keyboards.


What color the switches on this?

It’s just red.

I don’t mean the lights :grin: