What is your favorite browser extension? (suggestions)

Not all are permanently activated, depending on the occasion.

ColorZilla (Chrome)
Enhancer for Youtube (Firefox/Chrome)
Hover Zoom+ (Firefox/Chrome)
Lightshot - screenshot tool (Firefox/Chrome)
View image (Firefox/Chrome)
New Tab Override (Firefox)
uBlock Origin (Firefox/Chrome)
Ghostery (Firefox/Chrome)
S3.Translator (Firefox)
DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials (Firefox/Chrome)
Decentraleyes (Firefox/Chrome)
Nano Adblocker (Firefox)
Nano Defender (Chrome)
Bypass Paywalls - Anti-Paywall (Firefox)
HTTPS Everywhere (Firefox/Chrome)
Disable WebRTC (Firefox)
WebRTC Leak Shield (Chrome)
h264ify (Firefox/Chrome)

Hover Zoom+ in action: (I apologize for the quality of the gif my hardware is very modest…)

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No need for apologies, this is not the Apple OS forum, we appreciate people and their ideas, not the money they spend on their machines.
Thank you for starting this topic, is going to be an interesting one.

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Yes! Thank you!

I use 5…

https everywhere
privacy badger
uBlock Origin
privacy.com extension

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I forgot to mention uBlock Origin, I’ll edit it. :grin:

uBlock Origin
Text Contrast for Dark Themes
HTTPS Everywhere

Ublock Origin
Reddit Enhancement

Octotree is a must have for me


The ones I use in Chrome:
uBlock Origin
Poper Blocker
Selection Search
Minimal Scrollbar
Speed Dial 2 New tab

The Facebook Container addon I linked here.

Means you can use Facebook but they can’t track you. It opens a special container tab for Facebook.

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Ublock Origin
Privacy Badger
cookie autodelete
Google Search Link Fix
Https everywhere
Privacy badger
and some privacy tweaks in about:config

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Didn’t know about these, thanks for sharing.

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On Firefox ESR

uBlock Origin
HTTPS Everywhere
WebMail AdBlocker
AdBlocker for YouTube
Simple Translate(not active)



uBlock Origin
Chrome Download Manager
Black Menu


uBlock Origin
Black Menu


I just discovered Privacy Possum. An alternative to Privacy Badger.


Thx might try it out later on.

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Do a test with the S3.Translator -> demonstration

Automatic configuration 1 and 2

I think this extension is sensational because it has automatic translation identical to that of chrome.
I hope you enjoy!

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Thx , will check it out.

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Just had a look & installed, now I need to suit it to my tastes , thx mate .

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