What is Your Email Provider(s)


I’m only using protonmail, for personal and work use


I receive/send all my emails with Gmail. Even POP/SMTP accounts.


Looks like Protonmail s getting more people using it.


For those of us using Protonmail you can now integrate with Thunderbird thanks to the Protonmail Bridge


Weird man, was just reading about this when you posted.

Finally, guess I may download Thunderbird. :slight_smile:


Thx for the info , didn t knew that @Dobbie03


Just got it all set up. Works perfectly.


You re a machine @Dobbie03 ! lol


:slight_smile: thanks man.


No problem .


Bridge has been around for quite a while already and I set it up on AL around November last year, working fine. Is it now also available for free users? So far it has only been available for paying customers and I can (on the fly) not find any news regarding any change to that?


Thanks @Dobbie03!!


I didn’t know that! Awesome.

I thought it was only available for paying members?


We re learning something everyday right !


Oooh, is this the right place to ask about what people are using as email clients? Thunderbird too heavy and likes pooping in your Home folder. Would like to use a cli/ncurses email but just seems so janky. Any thoughts anyone?


Don t mind you asking @DatNobleSavage

Edit: wonder if Unseen Email ( that can be downloaded as well) might be too bloated.


Just to keep it simple I am just using Thunderbird.