What is Your Email Provider(s)


As title states , what is it !

I use Yahoo Mail Gmail*mostly for YT subs, Tutanota, Yandex Mail , Unseen .


ProtonMail (nearly everything)

Gmail (family & friends mostly)

Outlook (professionally)


Heard Protonmail s pretty nice, Have an account but never used it, guess I better start using it.


I really like Proton. Some websites won’t accept protonmail for account setup because of the encryption protocols I suppose. Been thinking of using a paid version of their VPN as well. I also hear Nord is pretty good in that respect.


Yep , some sites want to track you somehow.


Using mostly proton for mails as well. Their paid version now supports desktop mailing apps via bridge, which is great.
Their VPN is also pretty good in my opinion, but make sure to check out thatoneprivacysite from thatoneprivacyguy and go through his extremely detailed VPN comparison. I ended up with mullvad after that.

And while we are at it, privacytools.io is a great start for everyone trying to be conscious about his/her privacy online.


@xsme , thx for these tips mate, will check it out.


Hello there!
I use Gmail for family and friends and public emails, and Protonmail for work.


@xsme Thanks for that VPN advise, I’ve made note of it and will check that out if we decide to go down that road. I’m not overly concerned about privacy (or the appearance of it) but with recent happenings, I’m beginning to question that position. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Someone here, I think @sevenday4 uses Nord and seems to like it. Their television commercials run twice an hour in these parts. So, they seem to be doing well… At least financially.


ProtonMail (2 accounts)
Gmail (2 accounts)…mainly rubbish accounts :grin:
My ISP (1 account)
TorGuard secure email (not used much so far…)


I use protonmail and fastmail mainly. I have a gmail so I can look at g + now and then. I also have exchange (office365) for work.


@mrneilypops , weird, also have 2 gmail accounts on my side.


@7im4pple , guess I ll have to start using my Protonmail account.


Same here and actually think there’s a third floating around out there somewhere but I can’t remember what the hell it was lol

I’d really like to give up gmail but It’s how I keep in touch with the kids and other family members because I won’t do The Book of Face and I do like the G+ linux communities as well.


I have Protonmail and Gmail. Trying to get rid of Gmail slowly.


I use protonmail and most of my friends use sadly gmail, so i have to use it too.


Just tried Protonmail that I had an account with but hell to work with when not used too it !lol


I am using a great mixture of providers for different uses cases.

  • ProtonMail Pro (for my main Domains)
  • GMail (for googley-stuff)
  • Amazon SES (for some testing)
  • My own MX Servers (for my lab etc.)


Never heard of Amazon SES up to now, thx for sharing.


Using protonmail and gmail.
Protonmail is fantastic.