What is the weather like by you?


Edit: dark here now by 9PM and in a month or less that will be by 8PM and by Sept that will be by 7PM.

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lol, beer must be cold all year at places like the Arctic Circle.

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Average temp arctic circle:

MonthHigh / Low(°F)Rain

July 74° / 50°5 days

August 67° / 43°5 days

September 53° / 30°3 days

October 25° / 9°5 days

I was curious too.

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Not that bad, here in Winter time it s almost dark by 3;30 PM, wonder how it is over at your place.

We get about 6 hours of daylight in the winter months but gets dark here about 4PM but we are west from you.
Street lights are on till about 9am but depending on the weather can turn on just about anytime.


Wow, that makes for some small day light per day in there !

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Thats what I like most about being down here - you can keep the high summer heat, thats not for me - but the longer days in the winter are what I like
But I am only from 51.8°N


Blighty and cool, fresh weather here we come

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This is some lovely weather there @leigh

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Anywhere in the world south of the Equator the seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere.
North - South
Winter - Summer
Spring - Autumn
Summer - Winter
Autumn - Spring

So when you’re frying eggs on the side walk we’re freezing steaks.

  • well not that cold here. I’ve only seen snow twice in Buenos Aires in the past 22 years. And the time before that was 1906 I think.

Humid where you are huh, then you are not in Manitoba or Saskatchewan. That strips our a few thousand square kilometers. :slight_smile:


Oh, thx for the explanations @Sector11 . Yep, more in the east, around an hr or so from Mtl I must say.

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Well, a bit too hot & humid for me ! lol

20 C right now, I like it !

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I was born in Mtl. So yup, know what you’re going through.
And I might add at that time it was the largest city in Canada.
Yea, I’m “that” old.


Well yep @Sector11 , some places are warmer, but it s the humidity that kills me ! lol

'73, I was living in southern Ontario and had to wring shirts out when removed from the closet in the morning because they were ‘damp’. “Wringing out” is an exaggeration but they were damp.

We went to visit my sister in Winnipeg. Got up one morning, a beautiful cloudless day, maybe mid 30’s and as dry as a popcorn fart in the middle of the Sahara.

Sister came into the kitchen, shoulders slumped over dragging her feet, “DAMN HUMIDITY!!”

“What humidity? Sun’s shining, it DRY out there!” Must have been all of 9%.

“Wait for it, we’re going to have a thunderstorm!”

I’m like, “Yea right!”

30 minutes later black clouds rolled in, it rained so hard we could not see across the street for about 10 minutes. Then the clouds disappeared, the sun came out and the ground was bone dry in about an hour later.

Sis felt better. Freaked me out!

 27 Jul 22 @ 16:08:42 ~
   $ now
       .-.      Light rain
      (   ).    18 °C          
     (___(__)   ← 24 km/h      
      ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘   7 km           
     ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘    0.0 mm         
 27 Jul 22 @ 16:08:48 ~
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lol, wholly cow, she s better than the meteorologists from today with their worth billions systems !

That’s one way to look at it.
Humidity was probably higher than 9%, maybe 11% :innocent:
But Manitoba is normally dry 24/7/365, unless it’s raining.
So a rise in humidity to someone that has lived there for 20 years is noticeable.
I lived in PlaP, 60 miles west of Winnipeg for 4 years as a teen, my sis stayed.

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A good thing to know !