What is the weather like by you?


+8°C, cloudy and wind 7 m/s. Too windy to go cycling. :confused:


Hot and stuffy again. Winter couldn’t come soon enough.


19°F (-7°C) where’s my fir coat!? :cold_face:


Ho, ho, ho! +10°C here. :smiley: :sunny: :palm_tree: :beach_umbrella:


+9°C, wind up to 80 km/h (50 mph). :tornado:


Gee, windy in there @nwg !


Not that bad this morning: -14C & sunny.


I think I’m part polar bear; 9°F (-12.8°C)! I don’t think we will be defrosting anytime soon. :cold_face:


lol, big bear ! Bet it s the same on my side, but I m getting more chilli as time goes by.

Wasn t like that when I was riding snowmobiles !


They promised us not to see the snow until the next winter. It’s just starting to fall.


lol, not surprising.


Another four inches just fell on us. The gift that keeps giving. NOT! 33°F (1°C):cold_face::crazy_face:


A bit of exaggeration…


Loads of snow this year @sevenday4 ! Looks like it s back when we had loads of it.


I wish!

that’s another four inches of shoveling!


lol, you bet, we had around 4 inches in 3-4 days, easier on my screwed back !


10°C. Meanwhile in the garden:


Wow @nwg , -10 C here also summy.


It’s muggy as hell here. It looks like it’s going to rain yet still be 30 degrees.


34°F (1.11°C) and sunny. It’s pretty slushy out here. Had hard time in school parking lot even though I have 4x4.