What is the weather like by you?


-23 C this morning, so black coffee it is.


OMG. It was +1 here on 8 am. +10°C at the moment.


Was a bit like that last Saterday, didn t last long.


24°F (-4.4°C) and… yes you guessed it! More snow! You would think that Proctor Gamble would hand out free bottles of Head n’ Shoulders… auuuuuugh!


Well , some Winter this year right !


Around here, instead of sand dunes, we have ‘snow’ dunes! :astonished:


For today’s night they announce the northern lights also visible from central Poland. I have never seen them before.


Now THAT would be cool and yet concerning. If you’re seeing the aurora borealis that far south, seems to suggest that the poles are inverting. I have looked at my compass which has declination correction seems to be changing each year.


Sound like an end-of-world sci-fi movie XD


You bet when it s windy one sees nothing over the road right ! Was like that here Monday @sevenday4 .


The northern magnetic pole is moving towards Russia 54 km a year. BTW: I had trouble explaining this to my wife, since she was mistaking the magnetic and geographic pole. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t it! But unfortunately, this is stranger then Hollywood, and Hollywood is VERY strange. This can’t be scripted…


Yes they are different. Geographic pole is a simple representation of of geography on a flat surface. Magnetic poles are more complex for it is tilted, depending on your location by so many degrees due to the tilt of the earth’s axis.


Alright, I’m heading home before the Armageddon starts! :wink:


Increased solar activity - coronal mass ejection or something like it; probably find some info on NASA or other space agency site.

I’ve seen the northern lights as far south as the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Tend to be more red-orange when seen that far south.

In the 60’s F here. Will need to treat the yard for fire ants soon.


Unbelievable! Las Vegas is 36° North. Latitude of Warsaw is 52°N.


That’s true @PackRat. In Las Vegas as well… hmmm. Time is ending in twelve years according to AOC. The Bible doesn’t give a certain time of the end, but yet this Congresswoman with her strange green deal… we’ll just have to wait and see.


-20 C again this morning.


No mercy.

+12 C here and falling down. Windy as hell.


lol, should ve hibernated ! lol