What is the weather like by you?



Oh , the snowman ! lol Nice




Well , -3C / freezing rain, will be pretty on the roads.


In the high 30’s and humidity in the thousands.


Today the fastest means of transport is hockey skates.



It never had a drop of freezing rain, , not the 1st time that weather station made some mistakes ! lol

-11 C this morning.


At first it was raining, then the frozen water was covered with snow. My car didn’t want to start moving. :slight_smile:


Hate it when it happens


It’s 5 a.m. at 5°F (-15°C)! I think I’ll stay under the covers to stay warm and be like a bear and hibernate! :cold_face:


Have you eaten pine needles?

Sunny and slightly frosty here, but I’m not going to sleep on Friday. I’ll be coding & drinking beer all night long. :partying_face:


I’m going to only hibernate till 7 a.m. when it’s 11°F (-11.7°C) and try to defrost , a little anyway. No, I don’t eat pine :evergreen_tree: needles, I eat berries! :laughing:


I might have confused bears and Mummins.


Sometimes it’s a ‘bear’ to get up… at least no more snow until tonight, at least that’s what the foreguessors are saying. Perhaps we should do this:

Are you crazy!!! :open_mouth::cold_face:


Actually did it, it was not as bad as I expected. Not sure if I will do it again, btw.


You re tougher than me @pippo , I wont do that !lol


Halfway I reminded the helmet I had left in the garage. :slight_smile: +3 C, sunny.



lol, bad boy, went on the road too quick !


At least 2 car owners on my way behaved, as if their primary target was to kill a cyclist today.


lol, looks like it s that everywhere right !