What is the weather like by you?


lol, loads of it right !

Anyhow, tell her she s doing a great job from my part .


+8 degrees (Celsius), but I didn’t find any signs of spring.


Nice place, nice weather !

-16 C in here this morning. So another black coffee it is. lol


Even +9 in my place at the moment, but no sun and windy. Pedaling against the wind was quite hard.


Yep , the worst part about riding I guess.


The worst is the beer holder I’ve recently grown. Time to get rid of it. :smiley:


lol, no beer,no bike !


That looks relaxing.


I even saw 11.5 for a moment! :smiley:


At the moment we’re sitting at 26°F (-3.33°C). Surfing :surfing_man: weather! NOT!:laughing:


Same expected here starting from Thursday. Bikini may stay in the closet.


-20 C here, black coffee it is ! lol


35deg C here!


-20 C again this morning, so black coffee it is !


+7, cloudy & starts raining here. I also need a cup of coffee…


lol, supposed to snow today, we ll see , it s rarely perfect.


Nice +11C and cloudy, already at my 3rd cup of black coffee. And I still have a long day ahead…


Lucky one ! 2nd cup on my end @pippo .


Before evening my coffee unit is a mug. 3rd one at the moment.


Well, it’s 30°F (-1.11°C) here, and someone forgot to use their head n’ shoulders again! We’re having blizzards again. May have to go to NZ to defrost! Hey @Dobbie03:laughing: