What is the weather like by you?


That looks inviting. We are in the high 30’s again with humidity through the roof.


I know what was like. One time while I was living in Arizona, the temp was at 122°F (50°C). The rest of that summer was around 109°F-115°F (42°C-46°C). The nights were not much cooler. Hopefully, you’re near water to cool off in…


Today I could send you some fog. The nearest snow expected at the beginning of March. On Friday and Saturday we’re also having national mourning. IMO it should never be cancelled here.


They promised a sunny and warm weekend. Well, Saturday’s +2.5˚C didn’t meet expectations.


That looks inviting to me nwg, last few months its been over 30 C in hellhole Aussie land.

Strange how trees get all naked in winter, you would think it should be the other way round, but science.


Yes, it happens after the first frost. To us it’s strange to see evergreen trees. You know what? We both would feel comfortable somewhere in the southern Europe. :wink:


Well , not the 1st time I guess that the meteo makes mistakes right ! lol


We have evergreens here in my neck of the woods (literally). We spruce, pine, and fir. The high here’s supposed to be around 35°F with more snow. Anyone wants some snow :snowflake:?:grin:


Its probably so the tree can survive during the cold.


As @Dobbie03 said, it’s so that the trees can live. The leaves have vains, and if they freeze, the open vetuals would be open causing the branches and trunk to freeze. That freezing will be frostbite, therefore killing the trees. Evergreens have needles that don’t have vains and therefore the trees will freeze. :thinking:


@Dobbie03 Actually the leaves begin to fall here when their time comes, even if there is no frost. For instance magnolia looses just a part of its leaves in Italy, whereas most of magnolias stand naked in Poland until spring.

@sevenday4 I meant deciduous trees. :smiley: If it comes to coniferous, my wife grows even metasequoias somewhere in the garden.


Wow, nice place in there @nwg


Thanks! That’s what it looked like 9 years ago:


Oh, did a great job in there with the build @nwg !


It’s all the wife’s fault. I would probably only make the lawn easy to mow. :wink:


lol, but way more maintenance work right ! lol


I just mow the lawn and take care of the fruit trees. The rest is up to my wife. :slight_smile:


lol, better be that way, bet that you would hate maintaining this large beautiful garden !


-5 C today here this afternoon.


We need to ba patient. :wink: