What is the weather like by you?


Definately wet snow. It is very heavy and very dificult to shovel. To top it off, I have a bad back and we’re expecting more snow this evening. In fact right now it’s snowing lightly, but will probally pick up soon.


That sux @sevenday4 , I know what you mean there, same here concerning back issues.


7 C this morning & it s raining, that s some changes from couple days back !


-14 C this morning, so black coffee it is.


We’re getting lots of snow :snowflake:,and more snow :snowflake: coming over the week, at least that’s what the’foreguessers’ are saying. It’s about 17°F right now.


Yep , pretty much it ( foreguessers) projections . Bet I can do the same ! lol


+5 (Celsius) here, and sunny. I’d go cycling, but it blows like all devils.


Where’s my stairs?

And there’s plenty more where that came from… :hushed:



They say that first white storks returned from Africa, so I hoped not to see any more snow. However, it’s getting colder here, too.


Oh, coming our way I guess, supposed to have couple of inches.

Was - 17 C this morning.


What’s that white stuff?


Dandruff! Someone didn’t use their head n’ shoulders, again!:laughing:

Our deck is burried in the stuff, and there’s more coming starting tommorow afternoon.


Loads of dandruff in there @sevenday4 ! lol

Well , - 20 C this morning.


+7 Celsius and sunny today. In contrary to the weather exactly 9 years ago:


Nice place in there !


Thankfully I moved out almost 9 years ago. :smiley:


Yep sir, - 6 C right now.


Now I got what you meant. Yes, this weekend we expect +8 to +10, sun and no wind. Need to get my bike ready.


We’re having a heatwave. Quick get the speedos! It’s a balmy 38F (3.33C)


lol, would look weird seeing us in speedos !