What is the weather like by you?

$ LANG=en t2ec --weather -Icdphwt -N
Pogoda Sokołów Podlaski, PL broken clouds 998 hpa 100% 2.71 m/s, ESE -0.4℃

Wow, just noticed that you re in the US @McQ , didn t konw that.

-18 C this morning, so black coffee it is. lol

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Horry sheet… colder than in Scotland! Gonna get down to -5 ish tonight but reverberating around 0c for the next week… getting a balmy 2c at some point :grin:

Have kid :boy:?


Don’t even have a car, but I like that solution :joy::rofl:

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I love how that father’s coat has the company name and “Commitment to Safety” printed on the back while he’s tossing the kid on the car roof like a satchel of rice. :snowman: :scream: :snowflake:

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Temperature: 5 C (41 F) Conditions: Clear

That time of year when night is below freezing, and daytime highs are ~60F (~16C, ~290 K).

No polar bear plunge for you, eh?

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Ahhh! The insanity of the moment. Although, in some parts of the world would welcome the chance to do that right now.

Brutal heat for Ausies and Kiwis

In the end we got a whopping +4 Celsius and sunshine. Roasting hot :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

Your other option would be to sit in the sauna then go jump in the snow/cold water.

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-10 C today, like it that way on Winter time.

Slightly kitsch advertisement of eastern Poland, but it shows what the Russian banya is:

We’re having a heat wave here as well… 42°F! Suppose to drop into the 20’s on Monday though. It’s also a day starting Sunday evening where individuals forget to use head & shoulders, selsum blue, etc. :grin:

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According to Google, it’s about 5.5 Celsius degrees. Exactly the same here. Almost spring. :slight_smile:

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True, it s upposed to be + 5 C here as well for Monday, What a change compared to -25 C or so couple days back.


Check :heavy_check_mark: this out, brrrrrr…

The things that make you say… brrrrr

Yep, that’s my truck underneath that snow. And we’re suppose to get another six inches today. On top of that, we have avalanche warnings in effect.


Makes me feel guilty with our +1 ©, and no snow at all.

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Wholy cow, looks like yet snow, the worst to shovel right !

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