What is the weather like by you?


Time of the year in Phoenix for 2 things:

  • MLB Spring Training games :baseball:
  • More RV’s than houses :blue_car: :vertical_traffic_light: :house:



Don’t forget snow bird hunting. Oh… did I say that out loud? :laughing:


@sevenday4 Shhhhhhhh! That’s our local secret. Hehehe.

Best to lie in wait for them behind the Fountain Grass. :stuck_out_tongue:


I heard they like to congregate at Fountain Hills next to the fountain! :laughing:! Hopefully, they don’t read this post or Arizonans are toast! Wait! You’re already toast during the summer! :laughing:


15°F (-9.4°C) snow < 1". Hopefully tomorrow I can start on seedlings for this spring.


+6°C and windy as hell here. Our tomatoes have just germinated.


Cool! Just make sure no one ties a string on your big toe and try to fly you like a kite. What other vegetables are you going to put in? I’m going to put in couple more raspberries and blue berry bushes, three different types of tomatoes, some peppers, carrots, broccoli, corn, beans, and rhubarb. And possibly onions and may be beets if time permits. My strawberry garden needs to be cut back. Boy am I going to be busy this spring.


Nothing but 4 types of tomatoes. My little greenhouse contains only 8 bushes. I gave up on other vegetables couple of years ago. Too much work, and results were pitiful. Of the edible things, I only have strawberries and some fruit trees. The rest are flowers, shrubs and decorative trees. And a lot of grass to mow.


-2 C , windy & snow falling, nice receipe for some accidents.


Yeah, I too have a lot of grass to mow as well, hence, the more of a garden that I have. It also helps when you have a tiller and do your prep work before planting vegetables. It sounds like your soil is on the acidic side. Carrots and tomatoes love growing together… :thinking:


Well, out of all the gardening, Python is my favorite occupancy. :wink:

Seriously: vegetables are cheap and available all year long, in contrary to what it looked like 40 years ago in Poland. The only reason to grow them in the garden is to avoid chemical fertilizers and plant protection. Unfortunately, then they grow small, twisted and full of vermin.

I spray my tomatoes three times with an antifungal agent. The reason why I grow them at all is, that I choose noble varieties, never used in industrial cultivation, and let them ripen in the sun instead of in a cold room.

(Sorry for stiff English: I needed some Google Translate to write this post.) :slight_smile:

EDIT: 0 degrees and snow again!


Muggy and hot, cant wait for winter. So over this shitty Aussie weather.


0C here /wet snow/rainny shit since yesterday, nice slippery roads ! lol


+7°C. Spring cleaning at neighbors from behind the window:


Oh , nicee !





-15 C this morning.


Isn’t it going to stop at last? :cold_face:
+6 C and cloudy here.


Well , it s what loads of people tell here !


Try this 35°F (-15°C), I think we’re about to have another heatwave. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: