What is the weather like by you?

30 C here(feels like37C) or 86 F (feels like 99F)

Kind of hot if you know what I mean ! lol

Same here.
Like said John Snow, Summer is here :wink:

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It’s ****ing hot. Tyres are nice and sticky, I gave the footpegs a good clout leaning over too much on a motorway slip road today and surprised myself so much that I inadvertently tooted the horn. Fortunately there was nobody else around to witness the sillyness…


Cool, cloudy and wet here…

Weather: Report: temperature: 30.6 C (87 F) conditions: Scattered clouds

thunderstorms just started.

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Some action in there, hopefully it wont be bad.

We had one this afternoon here, didn t last long.

Weather: Report: temperature: 27.8 C (82 F) conditions: Clear sky

heat wave for the next few days.


Getting hot in there @PackRat

Same temperature here, but storms all around. The meteo warning for tonight sounds something like “Find a shelter”. Hope they’re wrong.

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31C (88F) , feels like 40C (104 F). Hot & humid a bit !

Love A/C in these times !


Just like here in Brazil man, these last few days i swear i thought if it would be possible to boil some eggs over the asphalt. :sweat_smile:

But the thermometer only says 30-31C.

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lol, too hot & humid for me !

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Freezing, below zero. It’s cold.

Gee, freezing DownUnder ! Winter time over there right !

Yep very much so. The last few years back have had really mild winters, this year its true winter. Frosts and snow on the ranges.

Oh, that s some changes from where I am !

21°C, mostly cloudy.

Good weather in there fir riding @nwg

The last 11 km against the wind was not cool. :hot_face:

lol, well, that part must have sucked big time !

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