What is the weather like by you?

A big thunderstorm is coming.

CPU temperature 52 C. Buying the cooler pad was a not bad idea.

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Temperature: 30.6 C (87 F) Conditions: Clear sky

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Yesterday rain, today sun.
So Wait 21 june for music party and vivaldi period :wink: with summer


Cold. 0c. We haven’t had it this cold in a very long time.

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I used to think you were 10 hours ahead, but you are 6 months and 10 hours. :wink:

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Way too fast if you know what I mean ! lol

After a thunderstorm with hail we’re having full blackout here.

Gee, it was bad right !

Weather: Report: temperature: 24.4 C (76 F) conditions: Heavy rain

Some areas getting the golf ball size hail.

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Wet, Day 3 of supposed 7 or rain. Its very , very much welcome.

Thunderstorms all around, about 10th day in a row.


Another day in paradise. If I had 10 minutes more, I’d at least have finished mowing the lawn. Also dinner cancelled, due to the power failure.

Gee, too bad dinner s up in the air !

Hope outage wont be too long.

Hi Great Team,
It is very awesome the difference with New Zealand 0 degree !

for us the summer is here at date :wink:
Today with Mistral (Wind in south), but with so pleasure to share some beers :wink:

Hot in Marseille @Naltap . Loads of water right !

exactly @altman :wink:
and so discussion around table, barbecue and friends.

Yes sir.

:+1: :cowboy_hat_face:

Getting real hot and humid here:

Weather: Report: temperature: 30 C (86 F) conditions: Clear sky