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What is the weather like by you?

Congrats! :wink:

Yep , hopefully not too much damage !

Get all the necessary photos for the insurance people?

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No worries, all done, thx for the reminder by the way @PackRat .

So fucking hot. Yesterday was about 19 degrees. Thats nice. Today in the mid 30’s. Not so nice

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0 C with wet crappy snow.

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7.5 C here, still no snow. :smiley:

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Lucky you ! lol

The 1st ones are the worsts, it s not frozen yet, so recipy for some accidents.

I still haven’t changed to winter tires. :skull_and_crossbones:

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Me neither, we have till Dec 1st to do it by law where I live.

Might be done in a week or 2 depending of the workload at the garage I have my stuff done to my car.

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Sunny, not a cloud in the sky and currently 76 with a high of 79 at 12:19 pm EST
near Tampa Florida :slight_smile:


Wow, hotter than here ! 3 C now.

Been a little while my friend, pretty busy !

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Good to see you mate.

6 C, light rain. We have the independence day here, so I’ll be working outdoor today. :confused:

Wow, lloks like fun in there @nwg

Would be even more funny if it wasn’t raining.

That s true.

Well , supposed to have up to 2o cm of snow tonight, they make loads of errors, might be the case tonight ! lol

Weather: Temperature: 15 C (59 F) Conditions: Overcast clouds

nice autumn weather.

spoke too soon:

Weather: Temperature: 14.4 C (58 F) Conditions: Light rain

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Oh, time to pimp ! lol

Had loads of snow last night & today. - 7 C as of now.