What is the weather like by you?


It’s friggen cold here. Not getting much sleep tonight listening to the roof popping.
Its -15F with a wind chill of -35F right now. And its gonna get worse over the next 24 hours.


Awww shieeet… Seems I have nothing to complain about. My central heating temperature sensor, last week stats:


It’s from now. 44ºF / 6.5ºC


I could send you some snow.


@nwg A couple of trucks please!


Just starts falling again.


Looks like no bikini this week-end!


I guess we’re having a heatwave, 18°F. No snow in sight until Saturday night. Rain starting on Friday morning. Haven’t heard from @Glenn, he must be frozen since he lives in Illinois where the artic blast is heating up, -20°F. Can anyone say ice cube?



Now that is one frozen Jack!



We have snow forecast in London tomorrow and I will be out on my motorbike, I really hope I don’t crash…


Hope that you don t crash mate.

Edit: hot today, -10 C , -16 C tomorrow.


OMG, be careful!


Talk about brain freeze. You all be careful.


Here’s the update…


Well … I’m not complaining. :sun_with_face:


You live in Arizona, so that doesn’t count @McQ! I’m jealous! :laughing:


Haha yeah but nobody ever comes to visit in July. :sunglasses:


Wow @Chris, stay inside as much as possible. Right now it’s 35°F, a far cry from what you’re going through.


Fucking hot. Well into the 30’s.

Puffy:~$ weather 
 Weather in London => -6 °C - UVI => 0.71 - Wind => 1.5 m/s SSE - Humidity => 92 % - Pressure => 994 hPa 

I’m not complaining though, stay warm Chris!

EDIT: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ansiweather/