What is the upcomming release of ArchLab's new installer's features

In the upcomming release of ArchLab’s new installer, what new features are going to be added there?

TLDR; Not that much, error fixes and a few QOL changes.

You can view commit logs for the installer here https://bitbucket.org/archlabslinux/installer/commits/

Almost everything on the first page is new (since last release).

You can always grab the recent beta and see for yourself. Just update the installer before going through, a few issues have been addressed already.


@natemaia Hope it’s ok to write this here? We get to beautifully choose during the installation: 1) a DE/WM and 2) a login manager!

I feel what (maybe) is missing is this: 3) dmenu or rofi selection, (optional-luxury): even select a keybind for them during the installation. Or is this whole idea totally pointless? I personally think this would be an cherry on top of the cake! But not every cake comes with a cherry.

The only thing which I tiny bit dislike is the default superkey hotkey for dmenu (even in my VM xD), it always gets on my way (oh yeah I changed the hotkey manually after 4 days of suffering). But that’s all I have to say about that! Everything else has been 100.1% perfect in my experience!

Funny thing is though the default AL dmenu is skinned to look like rofi (and I got no problem with that, I use it :P). Imagine… just imagnie, to make things even funnier Rofi could be skinned to look like default dmenu! (…ha ha… …)

No that is rofi, we don’t install dmenu anywhere but in dwm.

Rofi was specifically written so that it could function as a drop-in replacement for dmenu using the dmenu theme and the -dmenu flag.

Oof apologizes :smiley: I’m completely mistaken then, my bad! The entire time I blindly believed that was the dmenu skinned to look like rofi (don’t know where I’m taking this from, maybe a random video). Didn’t even care to check any configs cause I liked how it looks and dmenu config was scary from my memory xD

When I used to roll with just base arch, there always was a thought “hmm… shall I install dmenu or rofi this time?” I became to prefer rofi over dmenu :stuck_out_tongue: but I agree that rofi is a good default and modern choice for AL

Another thing I would like to add that I feel could improve the installer is that the option to either shutdown, reboot, or put your PC to sleep automatically after when ArchLabs is installed on the PC.

Nah, this is a function personal to the user. I wouldn’t want these set up for me as I have my own settings there. Leaving it vanilla or un-configured is the way forward.