What is the best font for coding?

It’s a rhetorical question.
We all know it’s Sauce Code Pro Semibold.

I’ve been looking for a font that I can stick with like forever, and it’s the only one that doesn’t tire my eyes. It would be good to know what other people use, who knows maybe I can finally settle down.

Other fonts that I like :
-> monofur: great font with a more “handwrittng” style, makes it hard for me to read long lines of code
-> Iosevka: I have no idea why I do that to myself.
-> Hack: it’s actually great, except for that “0” (zero) character. Daaamn.

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Ive tried Source Code Pro and Hack.

Ended up settling down with FiraCode with Ligatures enabled.

here is a good example of what FiraCode and Ligatures look like



Fantasque Sans Mono


Fira Code looks sweet!

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For me, the most important thing for a coding font is that it’s monospaced.
Tried a lot of fonts, but Terminus or Terminess are still my favorite.

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I also would look at dpi and the color of your background. I find it you have a dark background with a color range for the text in the light greens or blues helps tremendously and I don’t walk away cross eyed. :thinking:


That’s a good point. I tend to use dark themes on my desktop and I reduce the screen brightness below 50% during daytime in order to make everything easier to read :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hack, Terminus, Fantasque Sans Mono

In that order, hack is nice and not overly fancy. You can’t really beat terminus for the console bitmap font. I’ve tried a ton of fonts looking for I like better but I guess this is it.

Maybe it’s just my screens, but I have to keep mine around 50% just for it to not be ridiculously bright.

xlfd ftw!


^ I favour xterm these days (because true colour support) and that’s the only font that will space correctly, it also has excellent unicode coverage.

For gtk applications I prefer Inconsolata but it is embarrassingly trendy so you won’t see it in any of my scrots :smiley:

For console work I’m using terminus in 6x12 (framebuffer mode) to maximise the real estate on my 1280x800 display.


Yeah man, sometimes when I have a window open during daytime and sunlight come inside the room I reduce it even bellow 50% just to not go blind.

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+1 for hack


IBM Plex Mono, Input Mono and Fira Code are my favs during last few years.

I’ve tried Fira time and time again, but man. I just can’t read that font at all :confused:

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Fira? Ummm, no. Doesn’t work for me neither. Mono Sans series are simple but not eye straining either. :thinking:

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iosevka works for me. But at work and using Rstudio Im pretty much stuck with the defaults since I cant download anything else. :frowning: So I use consolas;

That’s unlucky.

Iosevka is great, but once you get used to it any monospaced font seems bad in your eyes.

Very true.

Well you could always use old English or gothic! :joy:

Indeed, but I’d rather not.

I’ve been using Source Code Pro (again) for a while now, and now I’m obsessed with it.

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How is source code pro? I’ve never used it. Have you ever used ttf-HACK? I’m thinking of changing my fonts to something different.