What have you listened to over the last week?

I came across a thread at Tildes with a similar topic and they linked to a cool page that shows your most listened to albums for a set period from Last.fm. This is all dependent on whether or not your scrobble your listening habits.

Anyway, if you do feel free to share.

Click the link, fill out the info and paste the collage here


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You listen to lots of stuff in there @Dobbie03


It keeps me sane :smiley:

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lol, or not !

I’m impressed by the number of album you know and listening.
You dream metal too :wink:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Its years of listening and absorbing :slight_smile:

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Lol, did you have the time to sleep with all this music !

who needs sleep?

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Lol, I need a little bit even if I never been a big sleeper myself.

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Vinicius de Moraes, Acdc and Rolling stones.
It depends the work journey :wink:

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In resumee, you listened to loads of music !

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I think I see a couple of Iron Maiden albums, none of which are Paul Di’Anno Maiden. There are a couple of Bruce Dickenson Maiden albums that I can dig for the most part, but to me there is only one Maiden, Paul Di’Anno Maiden. I bought the first album when it came to the states. Di’Anno Maiden had a punk edge to it that made it ok during my teenage punk snob years lol.

British Steel IMO is THE metal album of all metal albums. I can’t listen to it when I am driving though. Listening to Rapid Fire while stuck in California traffic would land me in prison lol.

I feel the same though Powerslave is my favourite, I really only listen to the first two and that.

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Maiden Japan is a fave. I have a version I found on Usenet years back that is cut from another show in Japan on the same tour that has more tracks than the EP, and songs that are on the EP aren’t the same ones off the Usenet version. Di’Anno doesn’t have the vocal chops like Dickenson, he gave Maiden are rougher, rawer edge, a punk edge. Drugs and alcohol took a toll o him though, saw vids of Di’Anno and his band in the mid 2000’s on YouTube, one with him yelling at a fan on a gig he had in Germany lol.

That’s what I liked about that era.

He’s let himself go. He still seems really bitter about being booted from Maiden as well.

I can understand why the band made the change, Dickenson has a lot more range and the band blew up after Number of the Beast. When Clive Burr left, and they got McBrain (like both drummers, Burr was great, I think he left because of health reasons) the added elements of Dickenson and McBrain opened things up in the music. McBrain plays a lot more busier than Burr had, yet never gets in the way of the songs, and I don’t know if that would had meshed with Di’Anno’s limitations.

I got into the Di’Anno vs Dickenson argument with an all female Maiden tribute band who played a venue every season I did sound at. They go by The Iron Maidens, great tribute band. I held fast with my school of thought lol.