What Hard Drive To Get!

As title says & with so many choices , what hard drive would you get for an old Dell Inspiron 1720 . (might be over 10 yo)

Already has a 120 GB in it, would like to upgrade to something Linux-friendly if that can be said.As well as to have 7200 rpm & notebook type.

Thx & have a great one.

Edit; Didn t know where to put the thread, please put it where appropiate.

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Hi, Been using SanDisk Ultra ll SSD s in two laptops now for more than three years under extreme heavy use.
Have never looked back or had any troubles.
For a newer computer I would likely do more research. :wink:

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Thx , will have a look,Monday I have to get to some place that has a computer store besides a McDo, (will have 4 hrs to kill) will check if they have some in store.

Appreciated the comeback in there @anon2716996

Actually I can add that my HDD s failed in less time. :cry:

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Yep, guess they re not made like they used too @anon2716996 !

The one on my HP laptop died after a little over a year, that sux.

I agree altman. I ordered another Seagate 1.2TB drive last night for my server. I think they last about a year and a half for me since the server is up 24x7. Not sure if that is a good benchmark but for under 70.00, I guess the cost isn’t too bad for the time frame.


Good price for a server s hard disk, one can t complaint much here right ! @Chris.

Luckily my craptops aren t on 24/7 .

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@altman If you want a performance gain and would like to get away from spinning platters, gears and wheels… SSD is the way to go man and prices have really mellowed out.

I get most my memory and drives from Crucial, you may be able to find cheaper but they’ve never done me wrong.


Thx el glenn, will check that out.

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@anon37345411 I never thought about that as an option for my HP lappy. That would certainly speed things up a bit and the cost for a 1TB isn’t to extreme either. Hmmmm - Christmas is around the corner :wink:

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Oh man, just installed a 500gb SSD in my desktop for my boot drive and it’s insanely fast. Best gain for the buck, hands down :slight_smile:


Agreed on the SSD drives and on Crucial. On my last build I kept experiencing odd error messages and crashes. After poking round in the WTF rabbit hole for a while, the issue was determined to be 1 of 2 memory sticks was defective. Crucial was good about sending me a replacement in a reasonable amount of time.

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Thx, a good thing to know @FluffyUnicorn

No doubt a ssd and ram of quality (and over 4 gb) is the source of youth for any pc and laptop, it is a great way (besides cheap) to keep them always in the teenage phase… hahaha…

If the machine has a DVD and does not mind putting it in the “bag” (trash) the hdd can be useful as a spare space

Or as utility and external, options are not lacking. (especially the “bag”)


Thx for the comeback in there @m.rogers.

I m maxed out @ 4GB ram on this craptop, well either an ssd or a 7200 rpm hard drive in it in waiting to buy another lappy in 3-4 months depending on what one of my friend gets in stock .

An external drive can always be of used for other lappies as well.

Will check at a store tomorrow as stated above.

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Just to add a +1 to @m.rogers share. I did that a number of years ago with this enormous Macbook. I got a deal on a 250GB SSD when they were still fairly expensive. Ordered a kit that allowed me to mount the old HDD in the DVD slot. The kit came with an external case for the DVD drive. Works well and I even plug that external DVD drive into other machines when needed.

side note 1) Archlabs boots up ridiculously fast on this 9 year old machine. Like maybe 8 seconds. Insane compared to booting MacOS, which is at least 45 seconds on this machine.

side note 2) Always afraid to hit the Apple eject key in the corner because I’m afraid it will try to spit my HDD through the DVD slot in the case. HAHA :rofl:


Thx for the comeback in there @sikkdays .

Will check on a ssd & an external hd also depending on the price, Been back on the job after a 5 year status because of a lower back & shoulders issues.

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Finally got one from a store I went too today, might not be my 1st choice but got it right away, might get another one from amazon later on never know.

Got the WD Blue 250 GB ssd ( WD has the same model names for either ssds or hdd )for my old Dell Inspiron 1720, couldn t be worst than what was already in.

Edit, Have to get a Crucial, a Sandisk ssd from mail order or amazon later on, or something else to put in a later tower buildup as that store had limited ssd on hand.


Thx to the guys who replied in the thread, will check thes out for a later on pc build.


Happy you’ve sorted that out @altman. A new drive is a good feeling but consider an SSD in the future, they’re bad to 'da bone.