What happened or where are the pipe-menus in openbox?

I used to be an openbox fan, and Archlabs openbox was what i iused before (never heard of archbang or crunchbang before that). And if i remembered, openbox now does not look like what openbox was before, and i mean here the configs, pipemenus etc. Bunsenlabs still uses pipemenus and ive thought it was what its based on (at least one of them). I dont remember if archbang was this light as well (simple menu and such only).

I dont know if Manjaro’s Openbox, which was based on Archlabs openbox still uses the old configs as well, but wondered what happened to openbox since the installer became online-based.

Get the pipemenus from here


We just simplified it all. The pipemenus are available for you to use as you wish.

They should be installed by default with our OB installs.

Check if it’s installed

pacman -Q archlabs-pipemenus

If you don’t get anything back then it’s not installed so do that

sudo pacman -S archlabs-pipemenus

You should now have them active in the OB menu, if not please post your ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml.

A screenshot of your menu would also be helpful.