What do you use to get your issues fixed (and more)

There is no feeling quite like it.


The ArchWiki is good, as is wikidevi, but the best source is almost always the upstream documentation — most software projects have their own, dedicated documentation and this should always be the preferred reference.

Thx @anon42040838 . Never heard about that site.

I usually follow these steps:

  1. Have a look in the Archlabs forum too see if others experience the same issue. I start with the latest posts if the issue occured recently. Otherwise I search the forum.

  2. Reading the Arch wiki.

  3. Google the error message.

  4. After several frustrating hours I post a question in the Archlabs forum or forums of the brand of my computer if the issue is related to hardware.


Well done folks, very F’in well done!!!

IIRC, the two week expiration should be soon. I’ll spend the weekend compiling this into a nice format so Matt and folks can post as they see fit.


man man, or --help if that’s not an option, if it’s something I don’t have on my system or lacks a manual then wikis or random forums can help.


Oh, is that a kind of a How To Help on the ArchLabs site !

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