What do you use to get your issues fixed (and more)

Hey there!

I would love to see a list of you use via the interwebs that gets you through your Linux issues, How-To, vids, whatever you use that gets your job done.

I would like to gather maybe 2 weeks worth of replies then I’ll close out the thread. I’ll compile that information in a format that our new folks can use (and I’m sure some of us will find some new stuff in there too) to help them transition from another distro or WM/DE.

Let me know if you think this would be a good idea or not. I’m more than willing to compile and present, but I’ll need your help with the resources.



Good idea.

I normally google/ddg the error message I get in the terminal. That 9/10 leads me to the Arch Wiki or Forum.

Did you want to pin this @Chris and make it a forum wide announcement?


Heck yeah! I think I did that correctly and set it for 2 weeks. So lets see if it took.


Looks like it worked!


@Chris It’s a good idea to have a library of resources. I use searches in ArchWiki (it has good support in Spanish) and in GitLab or Github pages because many have detailed explanations.


Like @Dobbie03, I would Google the errors as well as use the wiki to find solutions to fix the error. Also, looking for solutions through forums like this one. Just my opinion… :thinking:


I usually try my best to repeatedly install/uninstall/install something, get really frustrated and start asking passive-aggressive questions on forums without giving any helpful info on the issue.

In reality? Read error messages if any, search arch bbs for quick fixes, arch wiki for deeper dives. Stack overflow if I’m feeling like I want to be belittled by gatekeeper neckbeards.


From times to times, there are useful information on StackOverflow too

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Usually search for errors on forums , search for it on Swisscows (no google on my end) & wait till the issues are resolved as ime goes .

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Startpage here, or duckduckgo if I need to turn a non-tech onto privacy through cuteness.

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Used both of them, guess that it s still on one of my installs that I don t use often. @DatNobleSavage

and sometimes the brain, not always, only when it works :thinking: :joy:


lol, bad bad boy @ector

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  1. Search of the exact error message

  2. Relevant Wiki and/or forum - distro, window manager, etc …

  3. man page for application

  4. stackoverflow

  5. This document may be a bit dated now, but still handy to look through it now and again.


@PackRat, rute is dated in parts. But about 85% is still relevant. Very useful.

@ector if you have more than two brain cells, then you are doing better than I…now where did I put that jar… :laughing:

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Bookmarked, thanks!

Almost always the arch wiki. If not I watch some YouTube or another technical website that deals with the issue. I find reading about issues and their solutions easier thought than instructive videos.

^ Has always worked for me. I prefer the ‘help thyself’ method. Better to sweat an issue out than scream for help.

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I was wondering who was screaming…

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