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maybe Torvald did not understand that apple is a fashion?
If the road is chromebook linux it will never be my main system anymore.
It’s just my thought.


Thx for sharing, bookmarked for a future reading, looks very interesting @ector .

I think that Linus was murdered by ‘them’ (a conglomeration of Google, M$ and IBM), and replaced by an evil LT. It was done when ‘he’ said that he was taking a break and getting some ‘coaching’.

That ‘coaching’ was actually time for ‘their’ mega AI to learn from Linus’ recordings, data etc., so that he could reappear touting Google’s and IBM’s products (and therefore also M$ related long game interests).

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I have to disagree with their premise:

There are too many choices available when it comes to desktop Linux and this is overwhelming to the new users to the extent that they just avoid using it.

IMO it’s an issue of marketing and retail availability. There are no commercials of people doing cool, productive things with their Linux computers, and a user can’t walk into a mainline retail outlet and check out a Linux install. I think you can still order one from Dell, but that’s about it.

Case in point: one, well timed commercial put Mac on the map:

User needs to be able to walk into a store, get a Linux desktop and have it working OOTB when they get home.

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True @PackRat its timing was great, good point . Wonder how much Apple & every corporations put money-wise on advertising/marketing, no Linux can compete on that ground sadly.

Good point also concerning Dell;



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How do we define “succeeded?” I tend to go for the underappreciated, the thing not number one at the moment. So i may not be the best person to reply to such questions, but…

A few months after i discovered computers and Win 3.x i learned there were other things out there. Mysterious, arcane OSs seldom used. I tried several Linux distros and Free BSD with little success. I used OS/2 until its owner abandoned it. I lived in Mac OS until i could afford it no more. Finally i came back to Linux to discover a plethora of new distros, desktops, and choices- most of which i could now actually use after install. Things i could now download, have a look, and keep or not, without shelling out a hundred bucks to take a peek.

Today there are many more people using Linux than ever before. Most distros are a snap to install and update as compared to Windows, IMHO. And, to be honest, if Linux were suddenly to be the #1 desired platform, I’d probably start looking elsewhere. To me #1, #2, and maybe #3 are in those spots because they have sold out, gave in, caved to THEM, whoever THEY are. Why would Linux even want to be in that category? Just my rambling late night thoughts…

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