What do you drive?


Petrol is also flammable, last time I checked :slight_smile:

The composite-reinforced fuel cells can withstand a .357 magnum round and temperatures in excess of 1500°F.


Actually, in liquid state, gasoline doesn’t burn. It’s only in vapor form that gasoline is flammable. And yes, every technology has a potential to be dangerous, some more than others. And I know how hydrogen is produced through methane. But hydrogen is too unstable. Do you actually want to trust the general public in handling hydrogen? I certainly don’t.


…and once the tank is ruptured then the vapours are released, no?

Anyway, I don’t want an argument, sorry to irritate you.


Hey, guys, it seems I caused the misunderstanding. Just wanted to say why I consider every combustion engine a technology mistake. Sorry!


I’m not irritated @Head_on_a_Stick. I would love to get away from fossil fuels personally. But, right now, the technology for alternative fuels is still too new. Yes, alternative fuels are available, but the technology to use them effectively is not yet feasible just yet. And every technological apparatus has the potential of being dangerous. Look at fire for instance. This oxidating phenomena is very dangerous in itself. But without it, we would not survive very well if at all.


@nwg you didn’t cause any issue. As I said, I too would like to get away from fossil fuel powered vehicles, but at the moment, the technology isn’t there. And as @Head_on_a_Stick had pointed out, you have the potential to cause a bigger environmental problem with the disposal of spent batteries. We will just have to be patient and let the technology produce itself. Technology has to wait on technology to produce technology. It’s a vicious cycle. In order to produce a technological advancement, you have to wait for other technological advances to occur. The computer of today owes its existence to the invention of the simple transistor.


One way or another, I still owe you a clarification. IMO it’s all the result of the coincidence: one guy invented the engine, and another discovered the oil in his field. As long as both keep making big money, we’re sentenced to use the ancient machine, which energy conversion efficiency is about 33%. If it haden’t happened, technology development since 19th century could have gone in a different direction.


That’s what I am going to get: emission free and no need for the damned driving license :angry:


Lol! But, you do realize that the government will find some way to screw this up too. Still fighting for driver’s license @pippo?


@sevenday4 Thanks for the input, I totally agree with what you said. Planning for the future and phasing in new technology as it actually makes sense, is the proper way of moving forward.

Wishing history didn’t unfold the way you feel it should have or dwelling upon geopolitical gripes and pointing fingers… Is not.

Hydrogen vs Gasoline? I suppose it all depends upon the way in which you prefer to burn :joy:


Yes, I guess stereotypes are based on reality :cry:


Understanding historical, economic and political conditions is a must to make proper decisions.


‘Understanding’? Yes. 'Blaming? No.

Accepting reality is the first step to contending with it.


@pippo consider the following article:

Oh oh!

Seems like someone else is having a hard time with vehicles.


Guess that it might be time for Prince Philip to stop driving & being driven.


As for my little job either an hybrid Camry, Or some Grand Caravan or a converted Grand Caravan for wheelchairs transports .


I drive something very similar to this, except the front bumper is black instead of chrome and the rims aren’t that style or color.


Ah remember these ! tough vehicle right !

Are you in the States or Canada, these are usually in there.


Nice @Xen :+1:


I’m in the Southeastern US. :stuck_out_tongue:

@anon37345411, thanks!