What do you drive?


Thx mate !

Also love your ST Focus! Too bad Ford might only build the Mustang only in addittion of their trucks/suv if they don t change their mind. As rumours are right now.


I had heard a rumor that Ford may stop its manufacturing of most of their cars except for two models:



Ah , didn t know a crossover was a car, looks more like an SUV to me . Good link in there.


Just drove over the weekend a 2018 Camry with the new on-road radar that alerts you to lane issues and auto corrects speed and distance when in cruise control mode. Damn impressive. It made the drive around Seattle and Vancouver vastly more enjoyable. The car itself was a pleasure but found the dash and instruments to be overly technical and gadget oriented. The gearshift was a constant pain with its always frustrating release mechanism and off-center panel location.


No mistake here with the Camry, pretty good ride in there. You re right on my end when you say that the dash and instruments to be overly technical and gadget oriented.

Most cars/pickups are to technicals, now s the time to lease cars because of the technology that will cost a fortune to have it fixed.

Is it a cvt in there !Don t know .


Another attempt to upload a pic of the ride ( same colour, not my car) .An 05 SER Altima.



I drive a 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS (the AE86 Trueno of Initial D / Karin Futo in GTA5), as well as a 2004 Scion xA as daily.


That s cool ! Remeber these Corollas ! he GTS edition s great looking.

How s the Scion, nnever tried one.


I have an Opel Corsa 1.7 CDTI with 250.000 km. A small second/third/fourth-hand car (800€). I’m afraid one day the car explodes on the road


VW Polo 2018, leased by my wife. Haven’t had my own car since almost 6 years ago.


The Opel Corsa and the VW Polo look small, but inside they are spacious :blush:


And easier to park. If I drove a bigger one, I’d have to seek a car park a mile far from the office. :wink:


:point_up: This is important!! Ancient cities, tiny streets. In any gap I park the car


Yep , not like some places with loads of space.

Pretty important I guess on some places .


Here’s my whip, she’s pretty in pink :wink:


Nice ride in there @LionessAlana .

Can t go unnoticed I guess right ! lol


Ugggh, Holdens!

I joke. Nice car. Almost as nice as my Falcon.


I only expected mine:

  1. to have 70 kW+
  2. to run Android Auto
  3. not to be red, as the previous one :slight_smile:


This is identical to mine. 5.0lt, straight 6. It’s a comfortable and powerful car to drive.


Enough for 5 cars like mine :smiley: