What do you drive?

Thought I’d bring this one over from the Arch Forum. What vehicle do you drive?

I drive one of these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Falcon_(FG). The G6 series.

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I’m still stuck on my despatch nail, a battered old Honda CBF600N (carburetted model), it’s dull but worthy :slight_smile:

Gonna need to upgrade soon when London’s ULEZ comes in — I’m torn between Suzuki’s SV650, Honda’s CBF500N & the KTM Duke 390.

The smaller bikes would be more sensible (and cheaper to run) but the bigger L-twin would be safer on motorways: I have had people try to tag me and it’s nice to be able to pull away at will.


Let’s see if I can explain …

In Brazil, there is only a 3 ° car, in other words a bad car in Europe and other places is a good car here, this country is very distracted by the simple fact that we have a mercenary system and government.

A launch out there will only get here after about three years or more, sometimes not enough …

I have this https://goo.gl/J74LYG (year 1996)
(Brazilian model is different from European, all are 2.0 8 or 16v, or turbo)

It’s that https://goo.gl/49i5v3 (year 2000)
(new Brazilian model has several differences)

Brazil does not value the sweat of its people.
What happens on television has nothing to do with our reality here.

Ford F150 -

which I use to do this:


I drive a Chevy Traverse so kindly gifted to me by the Military Warrior Support foundation.


a class at Mercedes cdi1700D of 20 years, my next car, will be a camper van with bed and gas to travel around Europe, but in a few years.
Sig :sob:

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…but I am not allowed to drive…


A 93 GMC 4x4 Sonoma, having a nice vehicle in this neck of the woods, when you need to go into the mountains would be crazy. And yes, it still has a carburetor and very little in electronics.

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1st car I ever owned was a 1979 Ford Pinto ESS.

Got into an accident and it was totaled out at just 800 USD in damages. :open_mouth:

Walked in the dealer next day and bought a Mustang 5.0 convertible. :smile:


That is a nice car,

Too bad they don’t let you drive; do some serious road tripping with that rig - head to Guadalupe for some Baja Med and beer.


That’s tempting…I will apply for a driving license, maybe that is the motivaton I need.
Are you plannig a trip there? Got any room? :innocent:

No, I live on the opposite coast now. Cajun food is good, but ocean fishing off Baja followed by authentic Mexican food & beer is a tough combo to beat.

Did someone mention Mexican food?

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After driving old bangers for years, I finally had the opportunity to buy a ‘better’ car, and I got myself a Honda Civic Hybrid.

Hopefully this will last me longer than the ‘good-for-a-few-years’ cars I’ve had in the past :slight_smile:


Did someone mention beer?

I test drove an Accord this year – Honda makes a damn fine car.


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Nice rides in there ! The Duster s pretty nice. Love these mopars.

One can do lots of things with these half-ton pickups.

On my end I own a 6-speed manual SER Altima That Nissan only built for 2 years .

Edit: Can t get the pic to post, weird.

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That Altima is a great car.

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Thx mate !

Also love your ST Focus! Too bad Ford might only build the Mustang only in addittion of their trucks/suv if they don t change their mind. As rumours are right now.