What Classical Music Are You Listening To?


I thought this would be a nice thread for those who occasionally or regularly enjoy a nice piece of classical music as I do. My Favorite is Sibelius. Im a big fan of classical, especially when i am on the highway or in rush hour, if you have the right classical music going it can help calm you in stressful situations like driving around idiots. Not to everyone’s taste but without it we would not have the modern music we have today.


I’m not a big fan, but I like etudes, especially piano.

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Now, we’re talking music! Sorry guys, when I was younger I listened to metal and now for the last twenty years, classical is my genre.

Ah music


These guys are not actually classical, but their music is phenomenal. here’s a sampling:

The Piano Guys

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The Four Seasons comes real quick.


I’m not sure which thread this video fits better. :slight_smile:


Anything written more that 90 ago, the rest of it is either rubbish or I don’t get it

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I catch this show on classic fm every now and then in regards to video game classical music, quite a cool show if you are a fan of video games.

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Under the same category The Piano Guys falls under… whatever that is…

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I follow Classic FM on FB, for their pictures and videos. :slight_smile:


That was just sublime. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I live outside of the UK. Apparently, we here in the US can’t listen in. I hate politics! Which is strange since I can listen to the London Philharmonic’s Orchestra.

Mozart’s Fifth Symphony


I use this and i am from Australia, just need to get the time differences right to listen to what you want from their program.


Here in Poland I can not listen, too. This must be related to licensing, not politics. Brexit has not yet taken place, as far as I know. :wink:


That’s true on the licensing, but as long as the credit of the artist(a) are noted, you would think that it still will be made available. But here in the US, it has become a political tool rather than protecting the right of ownership. I’m trying to install the app that @s7l has posted and see if that will work.

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its not an app as far as i know, just an online radio streaming service.

If you have mplayer installed create the below command and you can listen via mplayer.

mplayer -nocache -afm ffmpeg http://media-ice.musicradio.com/ClassicFM

You could put it in an alias or something else, i just do it via the webpage but smarter folks here might be able to do something else with it.

Found info here on the mplayer idea: https://linuxconfig.org/listen-to-your-favorite-radio-station-with-a-single-command-on-linux

Or just drag below URL into mpv would be better maybe?



Actually, there’s an app in the playstore for android devices for this streaming service is what I meant to say. Sorry for the confusion. My back is really acting up and it’s affecting my two brain cells at the moment.

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Thats even better, you could stream it to the phone and play it on a bluetooth speaker system :slight_smile:

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