What bugs you


@Negata & @ector, I hear you guys.

I’ve no tat but the Wife has several and Son number 2 has 58, the rest of the clan is free of ink. I’ve got several piercings though (although today, just wear a single loop in each ear). I’ve had my hair short, long, spiked, colored but have been very fortunate as far as my occupation is concerned.

Judge a book by it’s cover and miss the story.


That’s pretty sad. I have friends who had piercings and tats every where. One of them is so good at tattooing, that people seek him out and is paid big bucks. He even did work on celebrities, though he doesn’t do that anymore. I don’t have any tats or piercings, I’m just not into that. But when I was a lot younger, by centuries that is, I would be a parte animal. Now, I just sit in my rocking chair :seat: talking to crazy people… :rofl:


Well, it was only a matter of time and bound to happen :open_mouth:

Wife and daughter are watching Bird Box.

I refuse to succumb to the immense pressure, because it’s pushed on you like a bad bag of Chicago crack. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Auuugh! You poor soul, well at least they are not using you to practice putting on :lipstick: makeup, dress up, and what ever else girls like to do to their fathers. :grin:


Lol, guess it was you that was writting about that couple of months back @sevenday4 or @Glenn ! lol


Been there.

Done that.



Now you’re being tortured with Bird Box! Fortunately, soap operas aren’t on any more, or you would be toast! :laughing:


Thank the maker! lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been watching it in stages. It is highly over-rated but not too bad.


Yeah, that’s what I was told. They both actually really enjoyed it but said it was a bit hard to figure out in the beginning. Meh, I’ll probably watch it.


Anyone up for the challenge? NOT!



It was cold in London today and I’m grumpy so…

What is the deal with minicab drivers? How can somebody spend all day, every day driving a car and be so ****ing bad at it? I mean, really, they are utterly useless, quite the worst of all the “professional” road users, IMO.

I wouldn’t mind so much but the Hackney Carriage drivers are some of the best road users so it’s not just the job :angry:

Also, why can’t drivers just put their mobile phones down and stop attempting to use them while moving? I’ve seen HGV drivers do this as well, and some particularly brainless scooter riders — I questioned one about the dangers (and the 6 points on your licence) but he just laughed and said they’d have to catch him first… then he pulled out of the junction without checking properly and almost got hit by a car :roll_eyes:

The road is a harsh teacher in my experience and tends to use pain as a motivating force so I suppose it all averages out in the end but boy does it annoy me.

I feel better now :slight_smile:


Sounds like Arizona drivers. Sometimes, one has to rant… :sunglasses:


Well , guess it s lke that everywhere.


Haha, I totally hear ya man :joy:

Worst yet, these ignoranus people never get caught… Sure, they die occasionally but I’m sorry, that’s just not good enough.


Peeve #1 Sun, 13 January 2019

My wireless keyboard is about to get on my last nerve and at times, seemingly develops a mind of it’s own. Nothing works…Fresh batteries moving usb to to front (instead of back). If you’ve noticed I must edit nearly every post regardless of length, that’s why. :rage:

Peeve #2 Sun, 13 January 2019

My nearest neighbor (relatively speaking as they’re roughly 2/3 mile away) is a knuckle-dragging, inbred, neolithic uni-brow Wenis .

That’s all, carry on :grin:


Gee man, smack the hell out of it & get one from the link in the forum. Bet it can be frustrating at times.

Screw the neighbor. lol Edit, a chance he s not too close.

Edit: Any old keyboard around, might give it a try. Also would try it on another computer to make sure it s the keyboard at fault which might be pretty much it.


Thanks @altman

Yeppers, it’s the keyboard. Marie has the same model and her’s works like a dream on my machine (what I’m using now) and mine does the same on her machine. Have a plethora of old keyboards 'round here but I’d almost rather switch the working wireless keyboard between her machine and mine than look at a damn wire running across my desk. Yeah, a little OCD here lol. I’ve ordered another one. Think I’ll have a ritualistic keyboard burning when the weather improves… May do the same with the neighbor for that matter :grin:


Happy that you pinpointed the problem, sometimes it can be hard to find. Better be the kb than the hardware.

lol about the neighbor ! lol

Edit: Somehow related, it s why I like the lappy s mouse to be wired instead of wieless, better on my health lol


True that but I’ve gone to extremes to painfully hide each and every wire to both our desktops… I know, I know, I’m odd that way. Really not crazy with looking at computer hardware, generally speaking and literally won’t tolerate a wire. :sweat_smile: