What bugs you


Thought this would be a fun topic.

We all need to vent about something. Vent here without fear of reprisal.

Anything goes folks with one exception… NO arguments.! Agree or disagree :slight_smile:


My current gripe?

In the US, there’s a pharmaceutical commercial on tv about every 15 seconds. The other day, Marie and I watched three(3) commercials for erectile dysfunction in a row (while watching a Christmas special, with our 5 year old granddaughter) :open_mouth:

Who in the hell, thought that content was appropriate for what was being aired @ the time?

Perhaps… Just perhaps, if anyone (see:; Congress) wanted to lower the cost of prescription drugs… The Pharma companies could be limited to the billions they spend on advertisement.

Just imo :smirk:


My little gripe. When I go to look for work, they look more at my tattoos and my earrings than my curriculum. They think I’m going to steal them. But, I do not get angry, I just think: ‘You do not know what you’re missing, you asshole :point_right:


What bothers me is to judge a person by how he dresses.
Without first having dealt with it.

as regards the TV, the advertising of African children while I’m having lunch or dinner.
After those advertisements I will never give a euro for African children.
Especially because here the money of Unicef, 6 million euros have been used by the brother-in-law of our Prime Minister Renzi.
Unicef has not displayed any complaints.


yanno - this airing of grievances appears to be step one of the Festivus :wink:

When does the wrestling begin?!


Electricians that can’t organise themselves. They know they have a Xmas shutdown and leave organising the gear literally 10 minutes before we close for the year. When we don’t have what they want as it is special order, we are the pricks!

Bloody hell.


Sounds like all people in the industry haha


What bugs me?

Using Windows 10 and whatsapp. haha


I hate WhatsApp but what the family uses so I am stuck with it. I wish you could forward your WhatsApp messages to Wire or Telegram.


Same. I have managed to get a few friends to use Wire, but it’s a mission. Whatsapp is the next facebook money cow.


That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like it.


A Festivus for the rest of us. I like it! I’m too old for the wrestling. It is NOT go time. But I’m all in for the airing if grievances!


My job, where they can’t afford more workers but they can pay 3x more for yet another boss to tell me to go faster and work harder…

Installing Windows because if i ever want to sell a laptop potential buyers expect that. In the time i take to find the network and all the drivers, and wait for the updates, i could have learned gentoo, and maybe Finnish as well. People want this! They actually pay for it! And all the time a zillion free alternatives are at their fingertips…

The people who run the world. They pit us all against each other, watch as thousands of young naive recruits kill each other, then go off to have a drink together and divvy up the money. A game of world domination played by a few would-be pro wrestlers.


That’s why I’m an electronic engineer. I think the electricians had got their brains zapped one too many times! :joy:


Political correctness! Do I need to say any more…


Now you did it, sevenday4… You hurt my feelings because you didn’t expand on that :rofl:


Deja vu

Just when you think you are safe…


lol, pretty much it.


Lol!!! Sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings! :rofl:


Better and better @subjunkie, thank you my friend :slight_smile: