What Browser Do You Use?


What for? Using Brave?

Hahahah I kid.


No man, I didn’t intend to be rude.

It’s just that… With processing power that it is, doesn’t make sense (to me) to skimp on a browser.

Back in the day, Had a Toyota Land Cruiser (loved it) it got me where I wanted to go.

Today, a Ford Expedition does the same job but keeps me warm, has wifi and a killer sound system and actually tells me which turn to make and when.

I love minimal too but for me, a browser needs to be like a Ford Expedition.


Oh you weren’t rude, I got your joke. It made me giggle.

For me it’s the speed of the browser. The pages load like greased lightning man. I have heaps of power, doesn’t make FF or Chrome run any faster for me.

Surf is fast, like fast. Qute is just a tad slower.

I get what you’re saying though.


I was thinking of trying surf,

You patch and compile it, or go with the Arch package?


I cloned the repo and went vanilla. Well French Vanilla, I changed up zoom a bit.

Surf unbelievably quick.


Giving qutebrowser another look.

Pretty nice browser once you’re use to the key bindings.

Using this method for ad blocking – working pretty well. Zero ads on sites that were full of them.


Still hanging out of Surf. LOVE IT.


Over the last few weeks I have been swapping between Firefox, Qutebrowser and Surf. I keep coming back to Surf. Not sure why but I really love the minimalism of it. A full screen of internet goodness.


Been considering biting the bullet and using surf @ least with dwm. It’s just another learning curve but I think I like it as opposed to Qutebrowser.


Been mostly on Chrome & Firefox, Installed Dillo, remends me of when I was on Aptosid & Siduction.


Its worth at least trying. :slight_smile:


Chromium, for many reasons. Most important: my hundreds of bookmarks synced between devices. Most recent: color correction extension for color vision deficiency.


I’ve heard about that extension elsewhere, much praise for it from what I can remember.


A friend’s just discovered the protanopia / deuteranomalia switch in his Android accessibility settings, and let me know. Having switched it on on my phone, I started looking for something similar for my desktop. :slight_smile:


I’m happy to hear accessibility is getting better and that it works for you @nwg but I’m like you, I’ve so many bookmarks within chromium, I can’t (despite really wanting to de-google my life) get away from it. I want to like FF but it cannabises my bookmarks.

BTW, I’ve been using Brave lately since they made the switch to a chromium base. It’s a bit rough still but something to consider when they get the bugs out and it’s fully compatible with chromium extensions.


I’ll take a look, thanks! However, I also use a Chromebook, so won’t get rid of Chrom(e/ium) soon. :slight_smile:


I exported my bookmarks to an html file and now access them via rofi which opens them in either a new tab or window (depending on what browser is set as default).


Well, there’s actually an idea I hadn’t considered… Another step though. I don’t know, Perhaps I’ll drink 3 Monster energy’s one day and just sit down and record everything, then rebuild with FF. I’m truly past tired with google.


If you want the script, let me know.


I used to consider doing so. But I add/remove several bookmarks a day, and want them to be up to date on all devices, including my phones / Chromebook / tablet. OK, I haven’t used the tablet in months, but what if I want to one day? :wink: