What Browser Do You Use?


It’s like anything else Matt, familiarity is 9/10 the law. I really don’t like being associated with google in anyway shape or form but that’s life… I’ll deal with it.

The world could really use a new and viable full featured browser though.


Luckily that’s not the reason I don’t use Chrome/ium. I just don’t like it. :slight_smile: Though saying that I am minimising my Google presence :smiley:

We need a cross of Qute with FF. FF’s addons and Qutes lightweight footprint.


I would really welcome something completely new, not base upon anything else. I feel exactly about FF as you do chromium.


Hope that would be in a near future concerning the Qube-FF browser, meanwhile, I ll continue to dream about it while waiting for it ! lol


I’m checking out Surf browser right now. Its so fast, makes Qute seem like FF :slight_smile:

Surf Browser.


I used Surf for a while a couple years ago for limited things but I really need/want something full-tilt, all the bells and whistles for browsing.

Meh… Somethin will come along

** I may try Vivaldi again :neutral_face:


Chromium/Iridium with cvim
Firefox with https://github.com/tridactyl/tridactyl
minimalistic, keyboard driven UI like qutebrowser, but in Firefox:


Looks interesting @dimaom


Nice, gonna check that out.


Qutebrowser is really cool. I just wish it had a few privacy add-ons. The dev should look at Pale Moon extensions.
I only use Pale Moon and Basilisk. Amazing browsers. Very efficient and has minimal impact on system resources.

Web pages are becoming all the more heavy, browsers are evolving into their own ecosystem/operating system. It’s insane if you think about it. I think this is where Pale Moon and Basilisk exceeds expectations with how “minimal” it is in terms of install size and system resource usage.


Thanks to @natemaia I finally managed to get Dmenu working correctly with Surf.

Its a cool browser and is even faster than Qute, gonna spend a week with it. I will have to get used to no tabs though.


Chrome on my phone and tablet. FireFox on my desktop. Nothing particular, just to have a different experience.




Mostly FF and Qutebrowser, some times Chrome and Safari on my Mac.


Yeah, I thought about using tabbed. Need to set it up correctly.


Primarily chromium, ff just seems slow to me. Although after reading this thread I checked out qute and I’m extremely impressed. Might become my default.


Yeah Qutebrowser is quick. Leaves Chromium in the dust.


I’ve been playing with Brave browser (now based on chromium). Not too shabby


I’m back on Surf. Now I have my tiling under control with the alternating layout script, Surf is a million times easier to use.


LOL :grin: