What Browser Do You Use?


Nothing like trojan for that.lol


Can’t man, not for school and that’s the problem.


I’m not sure today, but the qutebrowser used webengine which is chromium / chrome …

In the end everyone goes through the hands of google, there is no good in this universe.
And between the “good” and “bad” that gives in the same still prefer Firefox, at least in part that I can still leave my way (as far as they leave)
In about: config we still have a certain freedom different from the others, and some are devoid of extensions.


Guess that we don t have much choices thinking about it.


There ya go man.


No meu caso, para obter algo que facilite a utilização do google chrome ou outro que traga um tradutor embutido, o cromo é um exmplo, mesmo que o tented fugir das ondas não seja conseguido, o Firefox não é uma solução, mas ele permite mexer nas opções, coisa que outros não permitem, and many tricks can be “tidied up” just by creating keys or by blocking, this is an advantage.

but it’s not all flowers … hahaha …


There is also basilisk - from the developers that worked on Palemoon (not sure if Basilisk is an actual fork).

Possible replacement for Firefox.


On UXP telemetry, does Basilisk use this in Linux?


Sim cara! mas o Chromium apenas funciona!


Yes brother, I did not say the opposite, everyone works
I just scaled my thoughts, I’m not indicating anything, who I am for this … and no matter the boat my friend, the sea is a memento for all., That’s all.


Testing Tor tonight. :grin:


I believe it is disabled by default.


So I have been using Firefox again for the last few days as I set it up to replicate Qutebrowser. There were some addons I missed Ublock-Origin and Reddit Enhancement Suite, noticed a ton of lag on the computer so I checked out my task-manager and FF was using in excess of 6Gbs of RAM!

That’s bloody crazy. Fired up Qutebrowser, its using less than 300Mbs. Goodbye, Firefox.


Yep FF s pretty much memory consuming sadly, wonder why it s like that, might be loads of behind the scene tasks in it.


I can’t answer but it will be something like that. I’ll stick with Qute from now on.


Yep , Chrome & Chomium might be the same also.


Very much so, I have personally found them to be much worse. 6Gbs is the highest I have seen and I only had 4 tabs open and minimal addons installed.


Looks like one needs a big machine in order to run these, loads of bloats as every updates it seems.


Yup, my little tryst with FF lasted less than a month. Back to chromium as much as I hate to admit it.


Which is a shame, but it is the current state of browsers.

I flirted with Chromium for roughly 30 seconds, installed it, fired it up, closed it then removed it from my system. I really don’t like Chromium.