What Browser Do You Use?


Once you’ve mastered Qutebrowser its almost impossible to use anything else.


Well @Dobbie03 , it might take me forever to learn it ! lol


I thought the same but it took about a week of constant use and I was comfortable.


Hey cool , might check it out.


I have always used Firefox. Although Qutebrowser looks good


Vilvadi does NOT work for me. Same with Opera. Maker help me but I may be going back to chromium.


I was always a FF user too. Qutebrowser really does it for me though.


It’s very fast. It’s just practicing keyboard shortcuts


That and sorting your bookmarks.

What I did was make a script to access my bookmarks.html and as I came across my favourite sites I added them to the Quickmarks of Qutebrowser.


So too is my machine. I really need something full featured, not tied to google, nor a resource hog that still permits a reasonable work flow.

Too much to ask? Perhaps.


With the current state of browsers, yes.




If it’s not based on Chrome/ium its based on FF, both of those are resource hogs. Vivaldi just outright sucks as does Midori and Pale Moon. Waterfox… well, let’s not go there.

Epiphany Browser is just too dumbed down.

Doesn’t leave much option if you don’t want to use Qute or Surf browser.

All of the above is just my opinion of course.


Very good idea!


… And worse but what can we do?


@Negata, not he same man. We all love minimalism but damn man, have to do work, school or something which requires full access to the web (for better or worse).

Back to Chromium… FF uses way too much resources.


Another that promises … (like the others) :+1::-1::+1::-1: :joy: missing for linux …


:point_down::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1:@m.rogers :point_down::point_down: :grin:

Hell no!


Hahaha… It’s just a flood … :joy::joy:


Adapt to Qutebrowser? :slight_smile:

Just preotect yourself as much as possible I suppose?