What Browser Do You Use?


They’re discussing that over at lobste.rs:


Thx, nice readings in there.


Interesting read. Also, discovered umatrix. Awesome.


I find uMatrix difficult to dail in so to speak. But a very good one.


Firefox !

Ditching all things Google :rage:


Yep, using both of them now instead of FF only.


As of yesterday I am 100% Qutebrowser. So fucking fast man.


Might have to give it back a try, not much used to these browsers @Dobbie03


I use Qutebrowser.
Very minimalist, unobtrusive interface (feels like in fullscreenmode in other browsers)
The keyboard navigation is genius (at least if you’re used to vim shortcuts), same as pentadactyl extension in PaleMoon but better.

Only Con from my pov is the bookmark organisation, but I didn’t try hard for now.