What Browser Do You Use?


They’re discussing that over at lobste.rs:


Thx, nice readings in there.


Interesting read. Also, discovered umatrix. Awesome.


I find uMatrix difficult to dail in so to speak. But a very good one.


Firefox !

Ditching all things Google :rage:


Yep, using both of them now instead of FF only.


As of yesterday I am 100% Qutebrowser. So fucking fast man.


Might have to give it back a try, not much used to these browsers @Dobbie03


I use Qutebrowser.
Very minimalist, unobtrusive interface (feels like in fullscreenmode in other browsers)
The keyboard navigation is genius (at least if you’re used to vim shortcuts), same as pentadactyl extension in PaleMoon but better.

Only Con from my pov is the bookmark organisation, but I didn’t try hard for now.


I’ve been using the current Brave Beta… I’m really liking it. They switched to a Chromium base ( i know …google…) and have a nice new dark theme… It’s a big improvement from it’s previous version using Muon.


Been using FF but becoming more disappointed daily. Hate to say I miss Chromium but I do.


Have you tried Opera? I haven’t had any issues with that one. But, trying to stay away from Google is almost impossible. Even other web providers, at one time or another, links into Google’s database sometime.


I have and maybe I’ll have another look, it was too busy for my taste and conversely tried Qutebrowser, but geeeeez… Fun and all but not worthy (imo) to use daily.


Go with Vivaldi then; some devs from Opera forked it when they got cozy with Google. So Vivaldi is one more step removed. They also offer a webmail you can make private for those in need of that.

Been using Falkon browser with KDE. Formerly Cupzilla, but re-branded when the became a KDE project. Pretty smooth browser; qt based.


You could turn off some of the 'busyness? ’ through its settings. But, I am also still looking for good web browser myself. Opera is the closest I’ve come to that. Is it perfect for me? No, I am still looking.


Interesting, I will look into Vivaldi myself.


Hence my change to Qutebrowser. A bit of learning curve but worth it for a decent web browsing “experience”.


It’s geek cool but not something I wish to use daily, particularly after spending the cash for this machine. Something’s really do need to come with perks :slight_smile:


I may look into vivaldi too.


Found this, might give it back a try.